Going Round in Circles

Going Round in Circles

Just wanted to share this 'poem' with you.

It was dated January 2003 - so would have been around the time when marriage was falling apart and work was really crappy but I don't really remember it for that so much as being all I could manage at the time but not meant in a bad way - more as a joke.

Feeling really tired today - not really sure why - may be it is the change in the weather - I fell asleep on the train into work but somehow managed to keep the eyelids open and get through quite a bit - catching up after being off for a week.

Sephie (cat) seems to have got over the operation now and is eating again - took about 3 days before she started to show a real interest in food. She's scampering around the house with her brother ... normally come in round the back of the house but they were both looking at me this evening - and its a sliding door so decided I'd better not risk it and came round the front. I think she probably oughtn't to go out until Sunday but I'm going to risk it on Saturday unless something happens and then they can both start coming and going as they please ... though they'll probably both want to stay in as the weather is due to change.


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4 Replies

  • That's a clever little calligram. I like it.

    Cats are very resilient little things. Sandy was hit by a car a couple of years back and completely smashed her pelvis. I was told she had to live in a tiny cage for 12 weeks while it healed, she'd probably never regain control of her bladder and would always walk with a limp.

    After about 4 weeks she was out of the cage, running around causing chaos and now suffers no side effects whatsoever!

    I think the weather is very significant in how we respond to things. A sudden turn can make me feel very tired and low.

    Hope all is ok and Sophie continues to make good progress x

  • I like the little poem - I got the humour in it straight away. Amazing how humour, even sardonic or gallows, can defuse situations in our mind and help us keep going.

    Quite envy you sleeping on the train, I never can, even when I need to.

    Glad little Sephie is bounding about the Underworld happily again :)

  • I like it as it is my husband to a tee.

  • I like it as it is my husband to a tee.