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Is it normal to be signed off with depression ........ I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder by my counsellor , I had a phone interview with axa pp health care as we have private health care through work. The counsellor suggested that as I am going to have to be re trained on another product they suggested that I train once a week as it would be to much for me to cope with that and dealing with my depression........... I came back from holiday on Monday and they put me straight on training changing my start times moving me away from my work collegues who know about my illness and taking me out of my routine ... this stressed me out no end and went to my doctor who signed me off for two weeks with the possibility of more time off ...... he told me to relax , problem is I feel guilty now from being off . is that normal


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  • It is completely normal. I was signed off for two weeks in the summer and although I felt ready to go back afterwards, had I not, I'd have had even longer. Perhaps having a bit of time off will show your employers that you're not willing to be chucked around and treated with such little respect!

  • Furthermore, I understand the guilt thing completely. I was ridden with it while I was off. But as people on here kept reminding me, if you don't look after your mental health, no one is going to do it for you! Think of the time off as an investment in a happier future x

  • Hi

    Reading your blog I feel uncomfortable at hearing how other people are making decisions on your behalf while you are clearly capable of thinking for yourself! What do you think about what has been happening to you and what do you think would help? Do you think you need time off?


  • yeah I need time off to get my head together, I think I will need more than two weeks so I am trying to train myself to relax and recoup

  • I am signed off with depression right now, but have given them an estimate of my return to work date. I have also told them I want a graded return such as reduced shifts in first week, gradually rising. It seems your employers may only have been trying to help you but have probably overreacted by moving you away from your normal position. It is very important to communicate how you feel to your employers about something like this when you are ready to go back. Meantime don't feel gulity. I know exactly what you are saying, and at first my sick notes said "stress" but depression is an illness like any other so now they know and I don't care. Take your GP's advice and try to relax as much as possible and do things you enjoy doing. Don't even think about work until you are ready.

  • yeah ..... I will try to enjoy it .......

    many thanks for the reply

  • what ever you Feel, is normal with depression. Take the time off and enjoy the rest. Think about more counselling to help you through this.

  • I agree with coatpin about normality and in order to benefit from the time off it may help to have the support of someone with whom you can talk through the issues that led to you becoming depressed. Hope you feel a bit better soon.


  • I know how you feel, I am signed off work with stress and depression and constantly feel guilty for not being at work. People keep telling me to try to relax and take care of myself, but it is easier said than done.