Bad tension and hmigraines

Im going to the doctors tomorrow because I think my stress is due to hormonal changes

I cant get rid of very painful tension nau

sea and migraine, really want to end it all sick of feeling blooming ill

lonliness plays a big part. I live in Southport and have been looking for single groups but they are all miles out

I would like to meet someone, have been on dating sites not met many genuine people


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3 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that you are suffering from migraines as well. Definitely not good

    Can't help with the meeting people but I'm not always sure that singles is the best way to go - must relationships start with people you meet through other activities - is there something that you do or used to do that you could join a club for and just see what turns up there.

    Best of luck with the GP

  • Meeting someone is so difficult, especially when the effort involved in getting out in the first place is like climbing five mountains. I've met people online, but as Gambit suggests, it's not ideal. You need some kind of common ground to kick off, although who's to say the fact that you're both looking for friendship in the same place can't be it? There's a girl in work who had just become engaged to someone she met online, so there can be happy endings. I think a singles night is no different to a pub on Saturday night to be honest. Good luck x

  • Its more of a singles club that does activities the pub nights are just a meet up

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