utterly devastated

I really thought I would get some help today, but it was a complete waste of time going to GP, have felt awful since (even more awful, as there is obviously no one to help me), I tried to explain everything but he just said there was nothing he could do and I would just have to wait for the community team to contact me.....and that was it. I really dont want to exist, dont want to be stuck like this anymore with no way out, I cant stop crying and cutting. Even started hitting my head again. Why am I like this?

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  • Hello BOB here

    You need help now, call the Nhs helpline on the phone tell them you are in crisis, explain well and clear, you may be able to get the crisis team out too help you.

    It may be tomorrow, although you will get the push to get assistance hopefully, although may be difficult in your region.

    I hope that may help

    Good luck


  • Oh Emms I'm so sorry to hear that... I really thought they would do something for you..

    The only thing you can do is to keep on at the community health team or go to A&E to show them how serious you are and how bad you're feeling!

    keep posting in the meantime huni, we're here for you!

    Love Holly Xxx

  • Oh emms...I really thought they had to help you today. I can't believe they didn't, I'm speechless. How they can say there's nothing that they can do...they seem heartless to me.

    Remember that it's an illness that you have, it isn't you. You are a lovely person, who has had some awful things happen to you. As bad a situation as it is to be talking to you in, I've like talking to you the last couple of nights :) do you have contact details for your psychiatrist? I know you get the appointments by letter, do the letters have a phone number for her practice at all?

    Aw cookie, I want to wrap you up in a giant hug and not let go! If I could get to Aberdeenshire I would. I'm so sorry if I can't reply tonight, I'm in a bar with cack phone reception...but I'm with you in spirit, and sending you so, so many hugs. Hang in there my lovely, keep talking and keep going.

  • Oh Em,

    This is disgraceful.

    I cannot understand why you are getting such dreadful treatment but I do know it is not your fault.

    You need help.

    You deserve help.

    The system is failing you.

    I know the last thing you want to do is to have to keep fighting.

    You shouldn't have but please don't give up.

    It's your life at stake and you are worth saving.

    Go to A&E.

    Ring NHS Direct and ask for the Crisis team to come out as a matter of urgency.

    Keep shouting 'til someone hears you.

    I know it is hard but I do believe there is someone out there who will help you.

    You will get better.

    It won't always be like this, I promise.

    Love and Hugs,


  • Hi Emms, I am so sorry you are going through this hell. I cannot believe your GP said they can do nothing , I was so sorry when I read this as my GP has always been so kind

    To me. It beggars belief for the GP to be so unhelpful.

    Emms you are I'll and deserve help, that GP is a disgrace. Please don't blame yourself, anyone would feel terrible if they got no help from their GP. You cannot wait' you need

    To get help now. How about going to A & E then they would have to help you. Just

    Please demand help and don't feel a bit guilty for asking for it.

    We are all here for you.

    Luv and a big hug


  • Hi Emms,

    How are you feeling? Stupid question maybe but I just want to have a chat with you if you're upto it..

    Would help me too, I could do with someone to chat to too!

    Holly Xx

  • Hello Emms

    How have you got on with regard to the NHS help line???

    Has your move lifted??

    Are you ok???

    All the best


  • Dear Emma

    Please take on board advice from these reply postings, seek help now and go to A&E as an emergency your in crisis and need help and support. take a step towards others that want to help and HUL (HEALTH UNLOCKED) we are here to support you.

    Yasmin x

  • Hi Emms,

    We haven't heard from you all day, let us know your ok please?

    I'm hoping maybe you've gone to A&E or the crisisteam have been to see you and maybe sectioned you

    for your own safety, or any kind of help has come to you and you're in a safe place!

    If not, please put our minds at ease and let us know your ok!

    Thanks Emms, remember we love and care about you, and this isn't gonna last forever!

    All my love, Holly Xxxxx

  • hope the community team get in touch soon, maybe the g.p. thought he was acting for the best in making a referrral to them, as there are limits to his skills and to what the meds can do. bureacracy is not helpfull when a crisis hits,

    does any one know how long it takes the the community team to get in contact?

    do you have the option of contacting the hospital that you were admitted to before to help advocate for you now?

    please be kind to yourself

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