Argh, help!

If anyone's online I could use you right now...I've had a total panic attack out of nowhere, I got home from work and climbed into bed, intending to try and nap...within a few minutes I felt like I couldn't leave the bed, and soon I was feeling like I badly wanted to self-harm. Really properly scared the living daylights out of myself, but I've hung on and got it together enough to throw anything I could hurt myself with out of reach, but I still can't leave the bed. If anyone's there to chat I'd be really grateful...


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17 Replies

  • Hi

    How are you now?


  • Hi Sue, thank you so much for the reply. Still feel confined to the bed, but at least feeling more stable and clear headed. No idea where that came from, but it was bloody scary.

  • how are you feeling now,soz only just logged on

  • Hey, don't worry! Thank you for replying, feeling low, lot of anxiety and don't feel like I can get up and do anything.

  • do you have a tv in your bedroom? I sometimes find that watching tv distracts my thoughts and my panic eases? thankyou so much for your kind words to me in my last blog,ment a lot to me x

  • Aw that's ok, I'm glad they helped :) how are you doing today? I do have a TV, I have the England match on at the moment. I think some of it is probably shock, as I don't normally feel as dreadful as I did earlier.

  • must have felt horrible, glad the football helped, on the next panic attack try to remind yourself that you got through it before, try and have a few rescue techniques you can use to get through a panic attack if you get one when out and about. guess you already know about slow deep breathing to avoid the panting of hyperventilation that can make you feel awful. a friend uses ice cubes, they don't cause any harm. but the discomfort takes her mind off the attack.

  • Aw sorry to hear that...well done though you have dealt with it really well...they are scary I know...I see England won, hope that helped :)

    Thinking of ya...

  • Can't imagine much worse than having to watch football to take your mind of things :)

    Are you feeling any calmer now.

    Guess you haven't got any idea what the anxiety was - just a general dread. Horrible. When it happens to me I try a) remind myself to breath, b) look around or listen out for something that feels calming and then focus on that ...

    You really do seem to be going through it a bit at the moment.

    Have you got any plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to vegging with the puzzles in the paper tomorrow and maybe looking at the last Star Trek DVD as that is out now and bought a copy a few days ago ... really like the way they have gone back and created a parallel universe so they can do it all over again - real Marvel type stuff :)

  • Oh it gets worse - I even play football on a Monday evening! I am feeling calmer...I will try and get up and get something to eat soon. I wonder if it was just my mind telling me it needs a rest; bit of stressful week, and I haven't been sleeping well for a while.

    I'm seeing a couple of friends tomorrow afternoon, and going to see Kick-Ass 2 in the evening. Will probably scuttle into central London on Sunday, I need a new suit for work. Star Trek Into Darkness is good, saw it at cinema. Might get out some of my Vertigo trade collections, maybe Sandman or Transmetropolitan.

  • Enjoy the film tomorrow night - enjoyed it when I saw it with some friends - my usual activity for a Friday evening but they couldn't make it today.

    Hope you manage to get something to eat.

    I was quite late getting my lunch today and was really aware that I needed to get back home and eat something.

    Enjoyed Star Trek into Darkness at the cinema a few months ago so reliving a bit ... though think my favourite so far this year is Despicable Me 2 - laughed the whole way through!

  • I hope you feel better soon. I listen to calming music it helps me

  • morning! how you feeling,did you sleep ok?

  • Hello! Yes I did sleep well thank you, better than I have for a while in fact. Feeling much better this morning. Thank you so much for replying yesterday, helps a lot to have people to talk to.

  • Hi,

    Sorry I wasn't there!! How are you feeling now?

    I hope your feeling better and I'm here if you need a chat!

    Love, Holly Xx

  • Hi

    I'm glad you are feeling better and came through the attack ok. I sometimes find it's when I've spent too much time alone, even not having a radio on can have that effect at times (though I don't have the desire to self-harm) as it triggers existential fear - human beings are naturally social animals and not meant to live in isolation. Try to keep yourself connected to people in some way whether on here, by writing how you are feeling, phoning someone or even the radio or tv, anything that reminds you of wanting to connect with others.


  • hello dear, Hope u r feeling a bit better. Panic attacks r bad news. u don't need me to tell u that. The thing to remember is, it will pass, eventually, but u don't need me to tell u that either. I don't know if it will help but try the slow deep breaths. I do this with visualization meditation. There r plenty of tapes and c.d.s. available, or u can make your own up. Walking along a seashore's a good one and so is relaxing in a beautiful garden. I really feel for u cus I know how horrible they r. Just try to think of calming words like balance, harmony, serenity and peace. Hope I have been of some help to u.

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