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Over thirty years I have suffered chronic pain from a skin condition that effects joints as well as skin. My life consists of pain medications and anti depressants not forgetting TENS pain control.

Now I contribute to Pain Concern a sister page to this one. Pain causes many mental health problems, when you consider what is going on, you feel that you are being attacked from all sides and this is not helped by a uncaring society.

My condition is a reactive depression that can be brought on by pain and reactions associated with it.

Over the years I have done voluntary work in a contact mental health group, sadly I have just moved from my old home of many years and am trying too find my way through the NHS, The losing of my doctor of thirty years is a great loss to me and now I am feeling so alone as I will need to trust a new practice and a new home area. Now I live in a bungalow that will need adapting for my conditions.

It is hoped that I can contribute to this site and give some form of support to all who need it, hopefully you all can do the same for me

All the very best



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  • Hello Bob! Nice to see another Y chromosome around the place, plus you've made me smile at the memory of a school friend I had nicknamed Bob the Fish (the reason is lost to the mists of time, he wasn't even called Bob). Sounds like you've had a raw deal in life, glad you've been able to do voluntary work. I'd really like to be a Counsellor but no way I could at the moment.

    It must be hard moving after so much stability. I hope it doesn't disrupt things too much and make you feel low.

    You may be able to get a grant from your local Council to adapt the bungalow, if you haven't already.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  • Hey, welome to the site! X

  • Hi there Bob!

    Welcome to,, oh typical me,I don't even know what this site's called :)!

    Welcome anyway, its a brilliant site and has been a great help to me!! Everybody's really lovely, but you'll find that out for yourself!

    I'm so glad I found it,I really wouldn't know what I would've done without it..

    Hope to hear again from you soon Bob,

    Love, Holly x

  • You don't know what the site's called?!?! X

  • haha,no honest Lucy, I've no idea! What is it called? x

  • Well I do know it's called Health Unlocked.. But its got all different bits doesn't it,I'm not sure what this one's called.. Xx

  • It's called the Lucy and Holly show, cos we're the only ones who ever post!

  • Pfffffff aye you're right anaw! Ow sorry,talkin Scottish, as well I mean :)

    We're the only one's that post public, a lot of people seem to prefer private messaging, but I think it's fun to post so that everybody can join in!

    Only Lucy and Holly ever do lol :) Xx

  • Welcome to the site. You will find lots of support on here and lovely people who know exactly how you feel. Has been a great help to me. WELCOME. xx