I have literally just found this site, im a member of LUPUS unlocked as I was diagnosed in 2005 after falling very poorly. depression is a symptom of lupus so im learning to live with it day to day (besides all the other symtoms the lovely lupus gives me!). ive been told ive P.T.G. aswell as I lost my twin sister suddenly in 2004. im still learning to accept life without her.

I would like to join and chat with you all as im finding I have bouts of dark lonely days, days when I want to shut out the world including my loved ones. I would love to chat to people who will truly understand what its like to live with depression and not be judged. I don't feel quite so alone now, thankyou for reading my blog x

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  • Welcome to the group. I suffer with depression and anxiety too

    I have two greyhounds and my son who make my life worth living but I struggle from one day to the next

  • Welcome to the site,you will find many loving, supportive people on here, as I have. I know Lupus is very hard to live with as I know a young girl who has it.... not very nice at all. I am not surprised that you suffer with depression because of it as well as losing not only your sister but a twin at that. You are probably still grieving for her. Grief takes time to work through and sometimes takes longer with some people than others.No-one will judge you on here and we all know exactly how you feel as we are all there ourselves in differing degrees. Just take one day at a time, small steps and you will get there and be kind to yourself, recognise your achievements, they may not seem like much but it's all about going forward. Am rambling a bit now, haha, but welcome and keep on here. xx

  • Hey welcome to the mad house! X

  • Heya, welcome to the site! Everyone here will understand how you feel. We all feel exactly like you've described sometimes. Look forward to reading yr posts in future :)

  • Hiya,

    I don't know how but somehow your post slipped through my otherwise pretty sharp attention!

    Welcome to the site, sounds like your in the right place!

    You'll get a lot of support on here and I haven't met anyone that isn't pure lovely, caring , understanding, and considerate yet!

    Looking forward to hearing more about you and reading more of your posts :)

    Lots of love, Holly xx

  • my cousin died of Lupus. Well she had a baby, then got very ill and when she went home she died from an infection caused by a tube she used for kidney dialysis. It wasnt well known about then x

  • a BIG thankyou to everyone who took the time to reply. I have learnt to pace myself as I tire very easily having fatigue everyday, I do get frustrated and mourn the pre-lupus me when I had buckets of endless energy and being pain free. my twin also had lupus, my younger sister (who is also a twin! my mum had two sets!) has been diagnosed with it a year ago,my brother (her twin) has M.E. since 16 so auto-immune conditions seem to run in our family.

    feeling quite tearful today,body aches but I will put on my smiley face and go to work, bills gotta be paid and my sickness record isn't good so cannot risk losing my job. I get angry as I always get told "you look so well" but all I wana say is "the wallpaper hides the mould underneath" ive just put my sunfactor 50+ on my face,neck and hands so I can brave the sunshine (I have to avoid sunlight as much as poss) and walk the shadiest route to work :)

    thankyou again, caninecrazy x

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