Birthday Blues

Hi all

I've only been up half an hour and am already trying to cheer myself up. I'm trying not to be negative as it's my birthday. I started on Prozac a few days ago and although they take a couple of weeks to have effect I've been feeling slightly high since starting on them, must be the thought of them, but this morning I found myself feeling irritable from the word go. I knew my husband wouldn't have done anything much for my birthday and he hasn't - his card is ugly and he bought me a really rubbishy necklace which isn't my taste at all, what on earth made him think it might be I don't know. Now I feel back in despair but trying to let go of it and feel glad I'm alive and healthy and that tomorrow will be another day. Probably you can hear I'm not being very successful...


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  • Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Bidthday to you,

    Happy Birthday dear Sue,

    Happy Birthday to you!

    He's a man, they can't choose nice cards! Tell him you want to be taken out for a nice birthday meal!

    Lots of love x

  • yes, I know, thanks, and thanks for the birthday wishes, Suex

  • Happy birthday for yesterday.

    Hope you managed to find some peace and contentment.

  • Oh thanks, that's kind of you. It has not been an ideal day - but I survived as we do. Suex

  • Oh Sue im so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy birthday anyway for the other day.

    Ive come to realise I dont enjoy birthdays, although everyone makes out as if they are suppose to be wonderful exciting days, there not and because of the hype this makes it worse and more dissapointing...for me anyway.

    i think it would be so nice if people on here could meet up and go for a meal which would have been lovely to do on your birthday as we all care about you and would want to try and make your day as special and enjoyable as possible. But i am aware the locations of everyone differs massively which is a shame :(

    Sending late birthday hugs Sue,

    Love Zoe xxx

  • Hi, Oh thanks, that's a lovely message. It was just a non-day really. Thanks for the hugs, etc. How are you? Suex

  • Hi and belated Happy Birthday to you. Your post about your husband buying you horrible card and " rubbishy" necklace made me laugh. Men are from Mars. I remember my late partner buying me daft looking birthday card with hens eating grass or pecking at something. I felt that-an elegant floral picture or still life would have suited me or anything but hens. I love hens but not the hens on my card. At that moment I learned the truth about men, they are not like us in picking out a lovely card. But I am sure your husband meant well and thought the necklace was gorgeous

    . I hope you get on well on Prozac , I was on them years ago and found them good. The only negative thing about them for me anyway was that they blunted my emotions. I never felt sad or tearful even at a funeral or looking at scenes of war.whereas normally i am easily moved to tears. But everyone is so different. Take are of yourself Rose x.


  • Hi Hannah

    Thanks for replying. Yes, I know what you mean about men being from Mars and know my husband meant well - but the necklace definitely was not gorgeous - it's the ugliest thing you can imagine, a piece of beige leather thonging through some tacky gilt that ties around the neck, not the kind of thing I would ever wear. I appreciate his thought at buying something but my sadness is that he knows me so little that he has no sense of the kind of thing I like and yet I have a strong personality which shows in my love of colour, etc.

    Yes I was on Prozac years ago too but found it enabled me to feel strongly but to have the feelings contained so that I could choose when to feel them. I agree, not only is everyone different in their response but I also think it depends on the kind of depression and stage it's at as to the effect of meds. I thought I'd try Prozac because it's a mood stabilizer and my mood is all over the place!

    Thanks again, by the way I'm Sue, the rose bit is just the username.


  • Hi Sue, that's very true about Depression being different every time. At the moment I am feeling really sensitive and cry over the slightest thing. Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe treat yourself to a nice necklace that you would enjoy wearing. X


  • Hi Hannah, Thanks for replying, I don't really need a necklace I have lots, it's just the fact that I feel my husband knows me so little and that brought it home to me. Suex

  • I too have times when I cry for what seems like days, at these times I just shut down and wait to come out the other side, retail therapy can be a quick fix although not having much money can just add to depression.Just wish I had some warning but at the moment I don't

  • Thanks for reply. I like treating myself I'd I can afford it but at the moment I can't. Well it's great to have this site for talking to like minded people and its ageless. Take care of yourself.


  • You too.xx

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