So anxious and low (obviously didn't post this yesterday!)

The boiler replacement is due on Thursday. My house is a mess. Seem to have acquired a lot of permethrin-immune flies while I was away, so I'm doing a big cage-clean. My pain is a nuisance if I do too much at a time. I had my blood test Monday morning, so should be able to ring for the result this afternoon. (Two down, four to go - then I go on two-weekly and gradually longer, provided all remains OK, otherwise I wouldn't know I was on azathioprine.),

One of my armchairs should be collected tonight. Great - more space!

I have counselling this morning - should be good, but getting there and back takes up the whole morning

I feel really shaky. - not helped by having essential tremor.


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  • Best to try calm yourself - the most 'boring' of thoughts helps in the trial. Consider the 'most least' of the things that occupy your daily doings - thay are actually some of the most interesting part of your ínfrastructure, and the building blocks that will keep you 'solid'. Routine - any such. Rather 'neglect' others, not yourself. It is you and not the rest, who need now - the rest may come more kindly, later?

  • Hi

    I'm glad the boiler replacement went ok especially as you were worried about it. It's hard work looking after animals so you will need to pace yourself and maybe give yourself a treat afterwards?

    I hope the counselling went well, how long will you be able to see them for?

    What's essential tremor?

    Take care of yourself, speak soon, Love to ratties


  • No - boiler replacement is tomorrow and I've still a lot to do as I had an emergency vet visit tonight - spending ages medicating and bathing wounds on rats who fought while I was away. I'll try to get it done by 11pm then run the vacuum round in the morning.

    At the moment my back pain is lousy.

    I'm having at least one more paid session at Burrswood, then will see how many I have with the NHS.

    Essential Tremor is a tremor which can affect the head, the hands and the voice - Mum had all three severely. Although it can occur spontaneously (probably as a mutation), many cases are passed on by dominant inheritance - a one-in-two risk, but the age at which it appears and the severity can vary tremendously. I have a mild head and hand tremor.


  • Good luck for tomorrow - it's just one day and it'll be over xx

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