feeling so low

I'm feeling low today. I sorted through my wardrobe and quite enjoyed doing it but it felt mindless, a way of passing time, so I also felt a bit despondent. Then my husband came in and interrupted and I felt irritable, then he started apologising completely unnecessarily when he hadn't done anything wrong and that's like a red rag to a bull to me nowadays, and so we had a asset to, not a row but just an irritated exchange and as a result I felt close to tears. Now I'm sitting here feeling incredibly low.

For the past few days I haven't felt bothered about eating anything and realise when it's late as it is now (3pm) that I haven't eaten all day and have hardly drunk anything. I drop into total despair and hopelessness. I seem so dependant upon nice things happening to pick my mood up, unable to do that for myself. I find that frustrating even though I understand how it relates to my past.


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  • Aaw Sue, I'm really sorry that today is like this for you. I'm glad the irritated exchange was just that and that it didn't get any worse. It's so easy not to eat when our minds are preoccupied with other things, isn't it? I'm sitting here with a bad tummy, and have just realised I've not had anything to eat since 11 this morning! Try and have a little something, you'll feel heaps better afterwards. And if you can't manage food, just have drinks. I know that feeling of being dependent on the good stuff to raise my mood. Sometimes I have to force myself to go out and make a bit of happiness for myself. I've just noticed that it was 6 hours you posted, so I hope things are looking a bit better now? Lucy x

  • Hey. I know that feeling of realising half way through the afternoon that you haven't eaten anything. It's hard when you don't feel bothered enough to eat, it turns into a cycle, you feel bad so you don't eat, then you feel worse because your body isn't getting it's nutrients. Hope you did manage to eat something.

    I understand about feeling reliant on good things happening to pick yourself up. I've started trying to book things up for most days in advance so that I have something to make me feel better if I need it; today I went to the cinema. I felt pretty down today so I wouldn't have gone if I hadn't already booked the ticket in the week. But it did help a bit. Gym classes are a particularly good one...they are free with my membership, but I have to pay if I cancel under 48 hours before or don't turn up. So booking them forces me to go out and do things that make me feel better, because I can't afford not to go! Would you be able to do anything like that? Hope you found something to pick you up a bit after you posted.

  • Experimente pensar em coisas boas ao acordar, ligue o radio ou CD em músicas que voce goste. e dance, dance 15 minutos. A cada dia se sentirá melhor...

  • gacias

  • Hi Sue I really hope you are feeling a bit better now and that you have eaten something and drunk. No wonder you felt so irritable when you hadn't eaten for a while. It does sound like you feel a bit guilty for having a go at your hubby when it wasn't his fault. Would it help if you apologised to him? I know that I feel depressed and hopeless often because of unexpressed emotion - whether positive or negative. Because I find it hard to express my emotions or express them in a positive way my depression can get worse. Then I end up feeling numb and hopeless and detached. Do you think thats the case with you? Or am I way off the mark?

    Hope you are feeling better now anyway Sue.

    Bev x

  • thanks for replying, he was the one being unreasonable but then I felt bad for standing up for myself when doing that caused him to have another go at me. A lot of the time it's impossible to sort out misunderstandings because he's so hard of hearing and is becoming quite paranoid at times, he's struggling with health problems. You are right though, I end up feeling guilty for feeling so irritated with him. Thanks for your good wishes,


  • *frustrante, mesmo que eu entendo como ele se relaciona com o meu passado. *

    Voce disse.

    Te digo. Quem vive do passado náo tem. Presente nem futuro.

    Ontem náo existe mais, o amanhá muito menos.

    A única coisa que temos é o AGORA.

    Sérias filosofias compartilham com isso.

  • hablo pequeno espanol!

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