Back from retreat - a lot to do

I've just been on a four-day "Be Creative" retreat on the theme of "Hope." It was really helpful and I have a lot of ideas to explore. Now I'm back with my little animals - all seem OK at present.

As I've said before, I have a major untidiness problem and, once again, the time is coming for my boiler to be replaced - Thursday and Friday. I cannot and will not put it off again, but must work on things. Along with going out for a while, I'd like to get most of this room sorted out. I have a fly problem and must do all the cages in case this is the source, then, when things are sorted I want to clean the carpet. Sunday I want to get the kitchen straight. That will leave upstairs - less needs to be cleared, although my bedroom is chaos.

When the workmen are here I can spend more time with the rats, and also do some of the projects from the retreat and from the organiser's book. I also need to sort things out for the photographic course and competitiions the following week. When things are straight I want to keep it that way.



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5 Replies

  • Wow you have been busy! I'm glad the retreat was so helpful - what a fantastic opportunity. Do you have any more planned? Who looked after the rats while you were away? I understand your stresses about the boiler. I'm getting cavity wall insulation done and I'm dreading the upheaval it's going to cause :(

  • I have my four-day digital imaging course starting a week Monday.

    A friend of mine from the rat club comes in to feed my little ones while I am away.

    I'm really worried about getting things done for Thursday - there is so much. Also I have a plague of flies. I'll clean all the cages, but am limited in what I can use where the rats are.

  • What about those fly papers you can get in the cheap shops? A load of those hanging up for a day would catch a load and wouldn't hurt the rats? X

  • I'd find it a bit difficult to put them up, and I can't get them where I am.

  • I can pop some in the post for you if you could find a way to get them up? X

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