Back from retreat - a lot to do

I've just been on a four-day "Be Creative" retreat on the theme of "Hope." It was really helpful and I have a lot of ideas to explore. Now I'm back with my little animals - all seem OK at present.

As I've said before, I have a major untidiness problem and, once again, the time is coming for my boiler to be replaced - Thursday and Friday. I cannot and will not put it off again, but must work on things. Along with going out for a while, I'd like to get most of this room sorted out. I have a fly problem and must do all the cages in case this is the source, then, when things are sorted I want to clean the carpet. Sunday I want to get the kitchen straight. That will leave upstairs - less needs to be cleared, although my bedroom is chaos.

When the workmen are here I can spend more time with the rats, and also do some of the projects from the retreat and from the organiser's book. I also need to sort things out for the photographic course and competitiions the following week. When things are straight I want to keep it that way.



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2 Replies

  • Hi Ann

    I'm glad you had a good time on the retreat and that it was helpful for your creativity - it's always good when that happens.

    Yes do have a good clean and sort out, you'll feel much better for it. I'm decluttering again and although I'm also buying things it's good to see things going that I don't really want or need anyway!

    Hope the boiler fitting goes ok - we just had a damp proof course installed at the back of our house, plaster removed, and replastering, it was stressful but over now. Hopefully the boiler installation will be painless and at least will be over before the colder weather.


  • I'm dreading this - it's making me feel physically ill. There is so much to do.

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