Kids behaving badly

My mother has just been round - was 30 minutes later than the threatened time but the thing that had annoyed me was that I seem to have become responsible for her adding up. She keeps the petty cash for a community association. Lot of me feels that she shouldn't be doing it at all if she can't add it up herself - which is perfectly true. Last week when we were going over to see my aunt she mentioned that someone else had done a review and come to a different figure - my response was that they should take the figure that the other person had given, but she either forgot I'd said that or has chosen to ignore it so she turned up with the book. Conclusion - I've added up what is there but there seems to be some dispute about whether some of the items should be there ... and if that's the case she needs to take it up with the person who was checking not with me - I really don't want to get involved with doing their accounts - did it for a number of years at one point and really don't want to get involved again. But the thing that is really irritating me is why my mother seems to believe it is acceptable to not do addition herself. Never mind.

Offered her a cup of tea and spent the next 20 minutes praying for her to go - stupid or what! Suspect my annoyance showed. Really don't want a mother.

The fact that she was so late getting her and hence leaving has thrown me out a bit - really want to have sunday evenings to relax and get an early night and other people always seem to intervene - there's a neighbour who has a habit of turning up between 9 and 9.30 - sometimes I just pretend not to be here ... also stupid.

Think I'll have a cup of coffee and see if I can finish off the crossword - then it's catch up on diary and some reading. Don't think I'll make it out to try and visit any friends this evening.

Went for a very long butterfly walk this morning - highlight of that was my first small blue of the second brood. Bit sad that the marbled whites are on the decline now ... though I did see a number of small blues which sort of makes up for that.

I also managed to talk to the neighbours a couple of doors down about adopting a couple of their kittens to replace my last cat - house feels quite empty and I've noticed that I'm really waking up very early. Miss the company. Turns out local CPL can't rehouse anything at the moment as all the cats picked up an infection from some other cats that came in for rehoming. Can understand why my brother gave up on them as well.

Anyway, I think this kid is through behaving badly for the day - the parent has well and truly gone away - said something about the Grand Prix so was told she'd have to go home if she wanted to watch it. Strange - really love the Motor-cycle Grand Prix but the cars don't do it for me.

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2 Replies

  • Oh Gambit I so identify with that. You have my sympathies!

    When I moved home 17 years ago to be nearer my family, my mother invited herself up in the morning of my first full day. In 15 minutes she managed to hack me off four time. First time was 'Isn't it smokey in here!' Second was 'doesn't your cat wear a collar?'. Third was 'You haven't got a doorbell. You will have to get one!' I have never had a doorbell to this day.. :d Can't remember the fourth. I got her out asap. But now I haven't got her I wish she was back to annoy me :(

    Bev x

  • All I can say is Families! Who'd have them? I would.