Butterflies by torchlight

Haven't quite got to that stage yet but I did go out at 2100 this evening to look for butterflies - saw over 40 despite the lateness and lack of sunlight - guess it's a bit of bloody mindedness - just like to see how late you can find them about ... and there is something so peaceful about seeing a butterfly perched on a flower head or a stalk of grass.

Had quite a difficult fortnight - internet connection disappeared on 11th July and took until this morning (and a couple of long and fraught conversations with help desks explaining that problems really hadn't been resolved). Guess it didn't help that it was a really busy period for me at work so couldn't take time off ... and couldn't work from home as I had no internet.

My last cat had to be euthanised on 15th - he was a beautiful and very placid creature and it was only the fact that he was having to sit down after taking a couple of paces that made it obvious that he really wasn't well. It's over 25 years since I didn't have a cat - mainly because I've had multiple cats so felt rather lost. Have contacted Cat Protection League and been inspected (my word not theirs) to check I'm suitable and the property is suitable so just waiting to hear from fosterers about when I might be able to go and visit some cats (pairs) to see if we are compatible.

Been reading a book on MBCT - based on an 8 week course and slowly working my way through it - jumped ahead though to a meditation scheduled for a few weeks time when the cat went - found that really helped with coping with how I was feeling - particularly as I really needed to be able to keep it together enough to set the auditors in the right direction on the year end accounts. Just went in to the office and did that then came home and did nothing else all day on the day it happened.

Last week was really tough going though - particularly the Friday - probably because all the stress means I'm waking up quite early with a sense of panic. I can get back to sleep - usually with the help of a meditation - but it takes a while and it all adds up. The foot/ankle has also been playing up - swelling quite a bit at the moment - but using the ice-packs in bed does at least mean that I cooled down enough to sleep in the heat.

Really not sure about the revamped site - feels like a face lift that wasn't actually needed and no actual change in substance ... and possibly even a loss of some functionality - one step forward and two steps back? though I guess the lack of daily updates did at least reduce the amount of emails that I had to work through when I finally got the internet back.


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5 Replies

  • What a lovely thing to do, looking for the butterflies. Do you have the same love for moths, because I can find you at least twenty in my bathroom every morning if you do! Why do they come in?

    I'm so sorry about your cat, that was really sad to read. We love our cat so much and I really worry about that day. It's wonderful that you've been accepted to rehome some more. I enquired once but because I live on a main road, they said no.

    The jury's still out on this new site. I'm slowly getting used to it and was surprised to get my first notification in two weeks last night! It's lovely to see familiar names reappearing though!

    Hope the next fortnight is easier for you xx

  • Can't really manage moths - just too many of them. Most are attracted to light which is why they try to get inside.

    Sorry to hear that the CPL turned you down because of the road. I'm lucky to be in a quiet area - with a service road round the back and a green between me and the road. Think some of the rules are a bit much. Apparently I should lock my cats in for the night - not something that I have ever done - they have cat flap and are free to come and go as they want - which given that cats are diurnal - waking periods at dawn and dusk - seems to be what they would want. A few years ago the RSPCA were saying that cats needed their own litter trays ... but I've never known a cat that got that personally attached to it's litter tray. Guess its a bit like 'health and safety' at its worse - which ironically isn't what health and safety is really supposed to be - the check box culture.

    Never mind.

    Saw one of the post from HU about why they had to more platform so can understand that and also see why some of

  • hello so sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my cat to cancer last year and have rehomed socks another tabby. she has been abused so you have to be careful with her.

  • Still waiting to hear from fosterers about when I might be able to look at cats and see if we are compatible. Had a cuddle with some friendly moggy on way back from my walk this evening which was good but not really the same as being interrupted by demands for food and cuddles when I'm working through the puzzles in the papers. I'm going for a pair of cats - which is partly because I can be out for quite a lot of the day at times so it means they have company.

  • hello gambit I am sure you will be compatible. rehoming a cat is a very rewarding thing to do. cats can be left for quite long periods so don't worry about that.