I suffered a botched surgery 18 mths ago, then prescription drug addition for 6 mths. I am now depressed, is this likely to be connected?

I had an exploratory bronchcoscopy to cure a small lung blockage but the surgeon cut a blood vessel in the lung and I nearly died, having CPR. I lost 2 lobes in the lung. I was then prescribed Oxynorm/Oxycotin for pain relief by my GP but was kept on them for 5 months and had to undergo a drug withdrawl programme. I am now suffering from depression.

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  • Hi

    I'm not surprised you are suffering from depression! You have had a lot to cope with and a threat to your health and presumably your life. Don't be hard on yourself, most people would be depressed if they had coped with the health problem you have.


  • I agree totally with Sue. It would be surprising it you weren't depressed with all that you have been through. The mind and body are inextricably linked. Take care of yourself and be your own best friend.

    Bev x

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