back on my PC and managing ok

Hi all

Just to let you know that I finally have my PC back working again - after 8 days despite having a 24 hour on site extended warranty!! Grrrr.

Feeling reasonable although up and down as many of us seem to be, maybe that's the weather. I'm fairly stressed as two complete rooms including fitted utility kitchen and cloakroom with loo and washbasin have had to be emptied back to brick for a damp proof course to be installed and then replastering, now we're waiting for the decorator and joiner next week, a month with everything from those two rooms piled up in the room I sit in so now much fun but I'm staying surprisingly chilled about it all though I feel a bit low. Car also suddenly decided not to go out of first gear, that's under warranty too, so AA had to tow it to the garage 20 miles away, we do have a courtesy car but I'm not allowed to drive on the insurance so feel stuck at home for another week... It's one thing after another. My PC had to have a new motherboard and power supply unit despite only being 18 months old as well. Don't they make anything well these days?

Oh well otherwise I'm ok and the weather is gorgeous though almost too hot for me.

Hope you are all ok.


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  • Well, in light of all that has gone wrong for you , and the weather, I think you are doing remarkably well. Maybe these things are sent to rest us ???!!!! Good to hear that you are back. xx

  • That's really unlucky with the PC. They are usually more roathworthy than laptops. I only use my iPad these days and I never have any problems. My next big purchase might be a MacBook, I enjoy apple stuff more now. I feel your pain re the car situation. Mine is having problems with the steering but I any afford to get it fixed. Glad you're back up and running now so we chat lots more! X

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