Feeling weary & just having a moan - no, a rant!

Hi all those who know me especially from the old site, but hello to newies too

I'm struggling today. I've managed to shift the low mood and distress with help from various people but now I'm having problems with my physical health. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc now carpel tunnel as well but nerve conduction tests show it's not due to a trapped nerve, so more investigations and NOW my legs have been swollen like balloons for two weeks, from below the knee. My feet look huge and I can only get one pair of shoes on and even those hurt, sitting makes me legs ache, standing makes them even worse, walking does help but only after about 20 minutes and of course who wants to stand up to walk when it hurts to do that - I do, but reluctantly! I have lots of other symptoms suggesting over-active thyroid and asked my GP to do TF tests, she simply said they were done a year ago, told me a joke about another patient who self-diagnosed (the GP and I usually get on well so it didn't feel rude) then did blood tests for everything but TF! She wouldn't let me take water tablets until she knows my kidney and liver function results, although when I researched they said long term use of water tablets be a counter-indication whereas I just wanted to take them every other day until the results of the blood tests come through. So now I'm having to do almost nothing because my legs are too sore and she won't let me take responsibility for something the research says is ok. Grrrr. I know it's my body, but for heavens sake, I am an educated intelligent woman and I can make some decisions for myself about my own body. I do have the feeling of dependence when there's no need at all for it - I don't mind when there's a need but not when it's just a question of power and protecting backs. Sorry that's my rant over!


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4 Replies

  • have you another gp you could see?

    my feet and ankles were very swollen last month after a long train journey.

    gp said if still up after 3-4 days to ring him - luckily they went down.

    2 weeks is a long time. is there a walk-in centre you could go to?

    you could call 111 and ask them.

    have you still got good circulaion?

    I can only suggest keeping them raised with a pillow under your calves, and, moving round [I know it hurts].

    also drawing circles in the air each way with your feet and gently pointing 1st the heel down, then the toes.

    keep in touch.


  • Hi, thanks for replying, I can't stop now but hopefully will get back on the site later. Suex

  • could be water retention in which case put your feet and legs above heart level they always do it to me at the hospital x

  • Hi, yes it was fluid retention but I'm bothered about the cause as the GP is investigating kidney/liver/heart failure!! I think I was just very badly dehydrated which can cause fluid retention although I know that might sound perverse.

    I hope you are both feeling ok today?


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