Stupid mouth lets me down

I really feel at the moment that my friends on here are the only ones I can talk to about this stupid thing I did. It may not seem much for some of you but it's troubling me. Yesterday, I made a remark about something that came out the completely wrong way. I may have hurt someone ,with no intention to and I don't know if they even heard, but I can't stop beating myself up about it. I feel so guilty. I have been feeling really good lately and this has sent me in a downward spiral. I don't feel like I want to pursue it further as this will make it worse BUT how do I get over this feeling of guilt and being so down about it?? Thanks for reading this. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I understand this. I lost a friend once because of a stupid comment that I made because I was drunk. I've always regretted it. I also understand the feeling of analysing everything. I CONSTANTLY question the things I say to people, the way they react, try and interpret their reactions. I spend hours going over conversations I've had with people, trying to decide if they're annoyed with me or not.

    Has your friend actually told you that you've offended them? Would they normally? The only way you'll know for sure is to ask them outright. Alternatively you can wait a while and test the water when you would naturally speak to them next. How about a text about something non related, to gauge their reaction? I'm sure it'll be ok you know x

  • Thanks for that, Suzie. I ALWAYS over analyze conversations .especially when it's something like this. I think I will just wait awhile and test the waters when we next meet. And try and not be so down about it. Just bite my tongue from now on !! Thanks again. I really felt I couldn't discuss this with family so to have this blog to turn to was great. xx

  • why not say, "I meant to say "this" but it might have come out wrong, did it? 'cause I wouldn't want to hurt you"?

    Not so long ago, I was going to meet some friends, one of whom was working late. trying to set a meeting time to allow for her to go home & get ready I said to her " what about 7? 'cos you'll have to have a wash before you come out with us." she laughed and when she repeated it back to me I was mortified!

  • Isn't it bad how things can come out so wrong!! This was a work issue and as we are on two weeks holiday I think I will just let things lie and see how things are when we return to work. Fingers crossed and my worrying may all be for nothing, i.e. the remark was not heard. Thanks for replying .As I said , I felt so down about it and I didn't want to talk to my family. This site is so supportive. Thanks very much.xx

  • I totally understand this Jeffju...I beat myself up all the time about things just like this.

    I bet you the chances are that no one but you are thinking about the conversation. I have experienced the same thing and when on occasions I've broached it it was forgotten by the person and only I was worrying...forget it for the 2 weeks and if you feel you want to...when you return, just Sandra99b says....please let it go and enjoy your 2 weeks......:) x

  • I too over analyse everything. From people walking towards me to why a friend Hadn't called. I used to spend every minute on this. I think you should wait and see how it goes when you are back at work. If there is an atmosphere take your colleagues for lunch or coffee and talk it through x

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