update on loneliness!

Well - today has been a very different day from yesterday! Firstly I've been happy all day! Secondly we've had a workman doing the damp proof course and he hasn't made a mess, and he has considered our home sensitively, and he was really friendly and so it has not been a problem having him do the work, so that's a relief. Thirdly and most important I have begun to make a social life!

I did loads of research yesterday and decided on a few things to join and also decided that I would join the local branch of Mind or at least contact them to find out if I might do, despite my reservations. The woman who answered the phone was friendly and she told me you don't have to be mentally ill to join in, it's more about mental well being and a lot of people who are connected simply have some experience of depression and need support or cosial contacts - like me. There are quite a lot of things I could join in with, support social groups, a walking group (!), a creative crafts group, befriending as a befriender and person needing befriending, lots of things really. I was pleased and will fill in the online form.

Then I phoned an art teacher whose classes I went to for a short time and asked her if she was still running them and also the painting group she set up. She isn't doing either BUT did suggest a few other things and most importantly said she also finds she has no one to do things with a lot of the time and would perhaps we can do some things together, so she is coming her tomorrow morning and we will go walking her dog in the local park (a boring park but fine with someone!). I feel really pleased as I can see a few opportunities already. She suggested I might join a Zumba class - it can be quite energetic but there is apparently a Zumba Gold class for people who do not have as much energy and don't want to damage their joints with high-impact movements and she'll tell me about that tomorrow. Help! I'll have too much to do and won't have time to live my usual lifestyle. Help!! Only kidding (I think).

Anyway at least things have started to look up and I have become more proactive again - I always was extremely so until a few years ago...

Thanks all of you for the promptings and support, I'll keep you updated!

I hope you are all feeling alright, we have the lovely weather which makes such a difference, today I spent two hours in the garden just deadheading and cutting back perennials but I feel better for it.


Then I got an e-mail inviting me to submit photographs for an exhibition a few weeks ago and some of my work has been accepted so today I ordered frames for the photos from Amazon, got the invite for the private view and have invited a few people including suggesting to one couple who are friends that they come and we go for a meal afterwards, so it suddenly feels as if there are a few things going on which makes me feel so much better.


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8 Replies

  • Oh my goodness, what an exciting day and so many opportunities ahead of you! I'm so glad you're feeling more optimistic - I was worried about you. Hope the park is fun tomorrow, it's set to be another scorcher! X

  • Oh Sue thats so wonderful to read!!!! :D I am so happy for you. How very proactive of you well done :) xxx

  • Thats greaty Sue. Soon you will be so busy enjoying yourself you will no time to think :)

    bev x

  • Thanks all of you for your kind comments! Yes it is another lovely day and it will be enjoyable to have something to do and someone to chat with. Sue

  • hi sue

    so glad your feeling better today x

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay to you. So great to read your very positibe blog and that you are so happy. Busy mind = happy mind. Hope all goes well with all the new projects. xx

  • Oh Soooo many positive replies and so quickly! That's amazing. Have none of you got anything better to do (smile). See today's blog, it's even better. Suexxxx

  • That was lovely to read Sue.....

    :) xxxxx