The weekend

Well its that time of the week again, everyone is out with their partners enjoying time together as a little family...and im stuck at home catching up on my emails for job's. Been in a bit of a mess all week, seem to be struggling with my emotions, sometimes I feel fine and in a good mood, but then also been getting these horrific lows where I cant stop crying, im moody and impatient and just cant do anything or have interest in doing anything apart from watching frasier. Just seem to be getting in a rut of feeling sorry for myself and thinking about all my friends and their new babies or new houses or new marriage and im just almost certain I will never meet anyone I like and who likes me. Sure theres wonderful lads who like me but I just dont feel the same, which is a real shame. It bores me talking about it so stopped discussing it with my friends, theres only so much people can say but it never helps..."your only young, you will meet someone". Just cant get rid of the thoughts of never having a family...I dont even want one right now I just want the reassurance that I will one day...I just cant enjoy my life and I don't no what to do.

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  • yes the old cliques do get tedious, esp if you believe the exact opposite. However the old fashioned methods like blind dates and arranged partners have something to be said for them. And to use one of those cliques guess it's a bit of a chicken+egg situation, the more something gets you down, the less energy you have to act. Put your friends/colleages to good use and be prepared to meet a few toads before finding a 21st century prince where you both like each other. Please please please remember how self destructive comparing yourself to someone is, imagine being able to see inside peoples heads, you would see all those friends with so called perfect lives envying everyone else...including you as young fee and single..

  • Thank you for replying :)

    i know its silly to compare myself and be envious of other people but it just seems to suck me in. i know they have not hard perfect lives and you dont no what other people are thinking etc.

    oh ive met many toads in my single years lol i just dont ever seem to meet people anywhere though.

  • Hi

    Have you seen a counsellor or therapist to try to discover why you feel so low about yourself and your future? I do think that may be able to help you and your GP could refer you.


  • Hi Sue,

    I know we have talked about this before but i would love to go private, im currently lacking a job at the min so cant afford it but i think i will go the docs on monday to see if i can be referred for some CBT. think there is a large waiting list though.

    I have been meaning to email you as I know you said you would be able to recommend me a psychodynamic therapist in the Manchester area?

    Its strange my mood is so up and down, rapid and extreme.


  • One more thing as well as my reply below, you can self-refer yourself for CBT in our area and may be able to in yours, it's faster than going through the GP - I did a google search for mental health services and the name of my area, then looked down the list for primary mental health care teams, found the one for my location and phoned them. xx

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry, yes now I remember we have. I'm very bad at linking the person to the name and to the individual unless I am connected to the person emotionally in person- that's a difficulty I bring with me because of my childhood.

    It is worth trying CBT if you think it will help, some people find it really useful. In my area the waiting list is 4 weeks. Yes do e-mail me as I can recommend not just one therapist but a clinic where they are all well trained so even if you were not comfortable with one you could say so at the first meeting and ask to work with someone different.

    It's not really so strange, lots of people have extreme mood changes without being mentally ill, they (we) just struggle to maintain one set of feelings because there's another one near the surface and trying to bob it's ugly head up from the depths as it were! Thinking of it like that it makes absolute sense.

    I hope you are not feeling too bad at the moment.


  • i think its strange for me at the min as ive been feeling great for ages, and not had these big lows for a long time.

    dont no if it has something to do with the contraceptive pill or if because ive had a bit more contact with my ex of late.

    I went to ikea with my mum today and she was asking what was up. i just said i was fed up, just felt no interest in anything, feel so sorry for my mum as im getting impatient when shes trying to tell me stuff and just talk to me =/ but i seem to be fine with my friends.

    But i guess im not to bad at this moment in time.

    Waiting to go out with a friend, cant really be bothered but feel like i should do something on a sat night. My ex probs will be going out. i just feel like ive grown out of going out drinking. he will probs think thats boring.