Feel as if T am on the wrong planet

I am 67 and have always had ,a jor problems in socialising, except in situations where I know what I'm talking about and have a certain amount of control - e.g. years ago I really enjoyed giving a complex computer presentation, and felt dreadful when we went to the hotel bar. I slipped off to my room.

I am 100% sure that, had I been at school now, I would have been diagnosed as moderately dyspraxic. I suspect that I could also have mild Asperger's syndrome, although it could be a functional thing because I never learned to socialise as a child, because Mum was so self-conscious about her tremor. I was born with a cleft lip and palate, and appalling at games etc. I also attended a very narrow-minded church at the time. I'm now a member of the Salvation Army.

I have very few real friends and no close family, and really feel as if I am on the wrong planet. I find it easier to relate to my pets than to most people! I must sort them out - the four I'm taking to the show (by train and bus - a long way!) for my last session as Show Sec. Feeling pretty low.



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  • You may well be on the spectrum. Something I've learned from years of working with children with ASD is that a diagnosis is irrelevant. Good practise is the identification of traits and how you deal with them.

    I bet you've met some lovely people from the Salvation Army? Can you talk to them about how you're feeling?

    Wow! Taking animals on a train is so brave! I admire your determination and hope te show goes well! X

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