I think I need to get away

So today I feel like everything is too much effort.

I am obviously not myself as hubby has said I'm quiet and I seem to be receiving quite a few hugs.

I feel numb. . . Is this normal.? Before i started the new med I was filled with every type of emotion and ended up screaming or crying as didn't know what to do. Crying and screaming just feels like too much effort.

I think although I feel safe at home I need to get away in the caravan for few days.

I don't know why. . . Just feel its a good idea. . .

Sorry for the rambling. . . Feeling like a lost little girl in a tunnel today. . . .


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7 Replies

  • I think I know how you feel, I am having the same feelings. I had CBT session yesterday and it went all wrong, it's my 4th or 5th time, things have been going really well, but yesterday I said all the wrong things to my counsellor, I too feel crap, I want to 'get away' from it all. My wife has been brilliant, like your husband she knows something is up, it's good we have their support.

    I feel like I'm locked in a darkened room, I'm waiting for someone to open the door and switch the light on, it's hard it's very hard.

    If its possible to get away in the caravan then do so, but please don't lock your husband out, accept his help with open arms, he may not fully understand, but he obviously cares.

    Take care

    Stew x

  • i feel like this too today. Feel like I'm under a heavy weight. I've just got home from work and I feel like I could sleep for a week. I felt so tired all day. Time for a rest.

    Im going out in a couple of hours.

    Rather stay in and watch tv.

  • when you feel like like that, shut your eyes, reach out, and we're here.

  • Medication can have a numbing effect. I find while taking citalopram my emotions are all replaced by a constant haze that I drift through. No emotion is particularly strong, it's bizzare and is the reason I try to come off as soon as I feel a little bit better! The caravan sounds a lovely idea, especially with the imminent heat wave that we're being promised! X

  • We used to have a caravan and it was such a relaxing place to be. Out of routine, no particular chores to do... just sit and read and relax. Go for a walk. Take time out and go to your caravan and I hope that you return feeling refreshed. All good wishes to you. xx

  • Thank you for your kind comments.

    We did in fact book and go. . . It was a rushed decision but it was nice being in a big open field.

    I've got councilling session booked for tues next week. In two minds about it. . . .

  • Do as you feel you want to, its your life and your journey. cope with it the best way you can. your counsellng session will help to get those cobwebs moving. even though you dont want to go, go,, you never will see whats at the end. take care.

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