Anyone else's night as ridiculous as this?

I get to sleep sometime between midnight and 1am. I then wake up again between two and half past. How fast I get back off varies and I then sleep til about five, where I wake up wide awake. I try everything to get back off to sleep and then have another little sleep til half six. At which point I stay awake. It's killing me and I don't know how to stop it ...


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10 Replies

  • Are you on any medication? If so, that could be the cause. So long as its not contraindicated you could try a drowsy antihistamine like Phenergan but you might have to order it online from chemist direct.

    Good luck


  • Oh yes I know this sooo well, in the end ended up at papworth sleep disorder clinic. I could be what your drinking, ie tea coffee, change to decaffe, as I was found to be very sensitive to the caffine. I used to get up and do something with my time, feeling exhausted most of the time, even to the point not driving as I felt so wrung out. It effects memory too. Could be herriditory,, my gran used to do the gardening at 3 am, in those days they thought she was a nutter,, now I understand. Depression, and the sleep patterns go up the wall.

    I also found taking the tablets instead of say at night,,, and changing it fo the morning even though the doctor may say dont,, you have to do what works for you. How do they know!!!

    I used to wake up 6 times ,,now maybe twice, or last night,,, not once,,, which was great!!!

    take care.

    Linda,, ps tell your doctor, if it effects you too much , it can be investigated.

  • Hi Suzie

    I understand where you are comming from, my sleep pattern is up the left as theg say here in Belfast. I also find being awake during the night makes me feel very lonely & my thoughts darker. My mind bee's racing & I think this is why I cant sleep.

    As Lucky has mentioned try an antihistamine & it may help, I've tried with Puriton but it only works for a short time.

    I hope you find a way to sleep better but I also think its part of depression & it just wont let us shut our minds off to sleep.

    Lots of love

    Jackie xx

  • Yep, I get it too.

    New meds are making me sleep more though. Saying that, when I wake up I feel awful, so sluggish.

  • i go to bed about 4am and up at 5.30 am and cant get back to sleep .my doctor gave me mirtazapine 50mg and still cant sleep .but it does make to feel very depress that i just want to die, i go back to doctorat the end of july as he is on holiday ,i just hope he can put me to a therapy for some help as i dont want to be here at xmas

  • This sounds like my nights Suzie! Even though I take mirtazapine at night I usually wake up between 4/5 times during the night. Fortunately most times I drop off again without too much difficulty but it really hacks me off. When I really can't sleep again I get up then go back when I feel tired enough. Its a real pain though. Sleeping patterns go for a burton with depression don't they?

    Bev x

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad isa. Can't you see another doctor? You don't sound like you can wait until end of July. It sounds like mirtazapine doesn't suit you and you need to change them. Don't wait go back now please.

    Bev x

  • 50 gs of mirtzatihngy and still no sleep?

    Tell the doc soon as.

    I'm on 30gs myself and it tends to knock me out.

    Saying that though when I can I do a lot of exercise and I think that contributes too.

  • I have the exact same thing. Literally. I know everyone has suggested medication in which this is what I'll probably have to result to, I just thought Id comment to let you know that you're not alone!

  • Hi Suzie

    Yes, I can definitely identify with that pattern as it's exactly what happened to me last night. I was downstairs and on my computer in the middle of the night last night.

    You have a lot on your mind at the moment and I usually find that's what disturbs my sleep quite apart from depression. If you are managing to teach it's more likely that you are under stress than suffering the deepest depression so I would think the sleep problem is less likely to be about depression and more likely to be about over-active thinking! I personally would NOT take medication for it - the main reason why is that treating it as a medical problem can be a negative thing in the long run as then you will identify with yourself as having something wrong with you which tends to make it like an illness, rather than it being something you are having difficulty with at the moment for reasons external to you which it may well be. It may just make a difference to how you think about it. Teaching is an incredibly busy and stressful job and I know you have other worries as well and are seeing someone to talk things through with - all of those and particularly the last one will raise anxiety and stress levels and rather than deal with those with meds it may be better to deal with them as an issue to take to the talking therapy. Just a thought.

    You might consider thinking in terms of something like Calms or a herbal remedy although you would have to make sure it is safe to take with antidepressants or any sleeping tablets you already take as sometimes they clash. Also all the old fashioned things like a hot water bottle, even if you are not actually cold, a milky drink, etc.