Trying to kid myself?

I know I've been going through a very bad patch recently, made worse by losing seven of my pet rats and a hamster, plus financial worries, on top of my pain problems etc.

However, I realise that for a year I've been finding it harder to get involved with the things I used to find interesting - photography and digital imaging, internet forums and even my little animals - recently I haven't even written any poems.

I have my annual digital imaging course coming up and am not even looking forward to that. Part of it is because we are at a different place - and Sunbury Court used to be really special. I can't even remember what our competition projects are.

I know the steroids are contributing to this, but I need them for my polymyalgia rheumatica, and don't fancy the other medications which could be used alongside them.

I wish bupropion was available for depression over here, as it is in the States, as that works on the dopamine system. I might ask about that when my CMHT appointment comes - if it does!


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5 Replies

  • Gentle hugs. You perhaps need to go chat with your GP and see what other options are available for you re medication. etc

  • Hi, I'm sorry you are not feeling great at the moment but have you come across Cymbatta which is a medication containing Duloxetine and is good for depression and fibromyalgia? I haven't tried it yet but it is highly recommended, you can read about it on Wikipedia or google and see what NHS direct has to say about duloxetine. Sue

  • why not take the pressure off yourself and go just to relax, waft around looking at interesting/nice/pretty sights as if planning your photo, but just taking time out. 8-)

    if they query your lack of images - you just selected a few that "where in the right moment".

    sandra. :)

  • Ah you poor love, you sound a bit down on yourself, losing pets is always very hard, and it only takes a few other things to tip us from coping to Depression. I know what you mean about not having the interest, but just relax and try and be as good to yourself and I am sure this blip will smooth out. I think you should talk to your GP about your Meds, and just explain, the lack of motivation. Big hug to you in the meantime.

    x Hannah

  • She intends me to discuss medication when I see the CMHT for the first time.

    Rats back from the vet - but I left the cage door open when I went out, so Ash and Ratanya are loose in the living room! I think they are under the big cage, so I'll hunt them soon and if I don't get them I'll set the cage trap!

    I think one thing that contributes to motivation problems is when I can't be near the top of something.

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