I have gone from feeling at ease with my Dr to feeling a very unhealthy anger toward him, he does not understand when I try to explain things to him he speaks down to me or speaks over me he never Talks to me! he tells me one thing but means another! he has gone from being a Dr to a blooming accountant! changed my pills for a cheaper version ! knowing I prefer capsules rather than pills! as they are cheaper! I am sick and tired of Drs who think they are better than their patients! I got so mad I hung the phone up on him! yet normally I get on with him ok! is it me or his he being a jerk? I really do feel tired of this life! I dont want to die but I dont want to keep suffering either! WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?

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  • He may just be responding to the latest pronouncements from the National Instutite for Clinical Excellence and pressures to cut costs. Know that doesn't help the outcome but there may be some stuff going on in the background and he's just trying to juggle things and you are getting caught up in it.

    Really sorry that it got you so frustrated/angry that you had to hang up the phone

    Can only empathise with you on the whole life being so hard - don't have any answers but do sometimes suspect that its because of the way we look at life and want it to fit around us - part of the human condition - whereas people who seem to be happy are so much better at going with the flow.

    I always found 'Life is hard and then you die' quite comforting ... and guess that's also a reminder that in some respects life is as hard as you make it. The more you struggle the more it hurts ... the more you pick it the worse it gets ... the more you scratch it the more it itches.

    Hope we find a place where we can ignore the itching.

  • I have been prescribed tablets in low dose form to help me sleep, he also says they should help with my anxiety. . When I took these tablets for insomnia I had panic attacks during the night, my anxiety was higher than usual, my lips went numb and i was getting obsessive !!! When I went back to my GP and told him this he seemed quite cynical about it all and said they should be helping me. Now I know am sane enough!!! to know how I feel so have stopped taking said tablets but have lost all faith in my GP.So know just how you are feeling too.

  • Could you get another opinion / perspective from a different doctor? X

  • one of the reasons I have lost faith is because I saw a Locum and he checked me over and next thing I am in hospital getting a load of tests , they found out I had a bad flare up of Diverticulosis! I had been on at my normal Dr for months about the pain and the bleeding ! he without checking me assumed it was piles and gastro entiritus! I really think he hates me!! he does not know how bad I REALLY feel !!

    I had to go outside earlier and not only was I soaked in sweat before I was at the door I was panicking like crazy ended up wetting myself me a grown man of middle age!! very very ashamed and embarrassed!

  • Hello there Dell01 sorry to hear your pain but totally understand you're feelings. My mother had diverticulosis and needed specialist help via hospitalisation' it could be symptoms of this that is causing you're distress. Get a different doctor and explain your fears to them ask to be refered to a specialist or go to a&e a ask them to look at you're illness Clive

  • Really sorry to hear about the misdiagnoses - that is bound to have a huge impact on trust.

    Could you ask to see another doctor and may be start over again? Or has it destroyed your faith in all Drs. Some of them can be complete jerks - remember one telling me there was no test for carpel tunnel when I had a leaflet with me about the test - needless to say I never went back to see him. the best Dr I ever saw was about migraines and he was so honest about the fact that he didn't have answers and it was a case of just trying things until it worked.

    Whatever you do - please don't let the anger turn in on yourself.

    thinking of you

  • Since my regular Dr retired (Linda) and prior to her I have only ever trusted two Drs both retired (one deceased) It takes a lot for me to trust and I am slowly finding out the reasons! My Brother who I was always close to as a youngster has been the only one to sort of keep in touch (Via phone) he called me early hours of this morning after coming back to the UK, he wants to meet up with ME!! Ihave explained I dont go out and before I could say why he said "After what happened to you Dell I understand?????" now I am even more flummoxed!! he did say a few things and I have been up all night trying to find things and eventually did! how the heck can I not remember these things ? Drs Police LIFE its all so confusing the papers make me look like some kind of hero for doing something I trully can not remember doing !! folk I dont know (or honestly cant remember) saying how good I am ?? whre are they now when I need help! sorry Gambit went off track but am leaving the post here as this how I am but back on subject "Its not just Drs I dont trust ! Its people!!!"

  • Clive thanks for that! I am going for an endoscopy on the 9th of July thanks to the Locum Dr! but the Locum s change every other week ! its like the new Dr is creating a little Fifedom and anyone who disagrees with him get moved on! I shall be taking my max meds on the day I go in otherwise I wont get there!!

  • I have an appointment today with the Dr was starting to panic as I hung up on him last week as I really think he was more concerned of what my meds were costing the practice than my condition or my fears ! the lady counsellor I spoke to the other day on the phone told me to change Drs !! so today just now phoned the surgery and they said I can see who ever I like I dont have to see him!! so feeling a bit better now!! oops I should have posted that I spoke to the counsellor on the phone (assesment ) she was ok and although I was panicking all through it I was really wet with perspiration!! it went ok she made an appointment for me to see her in person and I have said I will go (changed appointment already her side) Iwant to go but am seriously afraid ! not only about going but about meeting someone new and then theres my memory issues "What happens if the memories that have hidden themselves coeout and make me worse?? what happens if I dont like what I see theres so any fears perhaps the anti depression pills might take the away ??? just so many fears tbh!

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