A while ago I posted a question asking if anyone had any "titles" on self-help books.

I had some replies and Thank You for those that dd.

I have since stumbled on an NHS incentive calles "books on prescription". These are books recommended by GP, counsellor, CMHT I guess. You can get the titles from your local library.

I am reading one at the moment on low self esteem wich is very good and on turning each page I can honestly say that I keep thinkiing "yes that's me!" and I can identify how it links in to my depression.

I don't know if ithe service is UK wide so check with your GP etc...or Google.

Some of you may already be aware of its existence but just thought it was worth a mention. xx

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  • Hi what is the book called.? I really want to lose weight and drink less but my depression is stopping me from doing this.

  • Hi there? How are things today?

    The book is "Overcoming low self esteem" by Melanie Fennell.

  • I found books by Claire Weeks very helpful and read them several times. They do give you a different insight into your illness.

  • Hello,

    Yes I read one of hers many years ago called "Self help for your nerves"...she is very good. xx

  • I have got CBT for dummies it looks quiet informative and has raving reports from Amazon xxxx

  • my councillor asked me the same thing and i told her everything about my past she got me to write letters to the persons concerned for her ,which helped me ive also brought 2 books with cds by paul mckenna instant confidence and control stress ilisten to tapes nightly and i am feeling a lot calmer