Just keeping going!

Still no news from the CMHT. It is so hard to appear to cope well when feeling suicidal. The change in medication has improved things, and may well continue to do so. However, I have a lot of stress, particularly financial, and with my little animals - plus major pain flare-ups.

Because of the circumstances involved, I had very hard feelings towards one little 'furry' who caused another one to be so scared that he died. I felt I could never forgive him, and was trying to make arrangements to rehome him, but I'm just beginning to accept that he didn't do it deliberately, and I can't attribute human thought patterns to him. I have cuddled him this morning and, once his hormone levels have dropped, am planning a possible introduction. Unfortunately I posted things on a couple of forums which have upset a few people. I wish I could keep my mouth shut. Actually trying to keep someone unidentifiable can make things cryptic and confusing! It's also hard to think of the financial implications of everything - I've had a lot of vet bills this month - plus having to pay £30 because my (ex) gardener - for the second time - was unable to tell the difference between a TV aerial and the hedge!.

I'm having a lot of problems with feeling really shaky and sweaty - it's hard to know how much is due to my physical problems, how much to certain medication etc.

I'm also battling with procrastination and have a lot to do. Today I hope to do a little at the library and go over to the service at Burrswood.

Well, I must do some tidying, fuss the animals and go down to the shops.

Ann x


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3 Replies

  • Do hope that your day turns out well for you. Am sure the kittle furry creature didn't do anything on purpose, maybe he/she was the dominant one. I don't think animals are 'mean' in the human sense. I am sure they give you lots of pleasure. My daughter had a pet rat and was very sad when she passed away. good luck for a good day. xx

  • Hi there

    I have read your blogs on some other forums and must admit they have never upset me.

    Reading your well written blogs can be informative and entertaining so please keep on.

    Good luck



  • I've been giving Twix some cuddles as he joins 'the soprani castrati!' I can't put him with other rats for about three weeks until his hormones die down. He's a rat whose hormones probably put him into an almost psychotic state, which I didn't realise. Unfortunately the lowest-ranking of the boys is still being bullied a bit and his tail is sore!

    A couple of unintentionally entertaining bits I put on a forum were one after a dose of gabapentin which looked as if it was written by a drunk, stoned dyslexic (not that I have experience of any of those) and one where I described a show as "a chaotic show with a chaotic judge!" (Said judge happened to read it!) This latest thing was an attempt to avoid doing something similar - and making it unintelligible instead!

    Ann xx