So many little losses - plus anxiety

As you may gather from my username, I keep fancy rats! Until 10 days ago, I also had a rescue hamster. He had outlived his litter-mates, so it wasn't surprising that I came down and found him peacefully, but permanently, asleep. Sadly, I went over to one of my rat cages and found my 'disabled' rat had also died. I suspect that he had a fall.

In the last month one rat died on the day I was away, then an old girl I had taken on for an operation also died, plus another rat with a slight disability. At the weekend my second-oldest doe - and the lickiest I've ever had - had a stroke and was put to sleep on Monday, then last night I took three youngsters to the vet with abscesses. One proved to also have a tumour, and we decided it was best to 'let her go' then. I've also had one castrated today, who is in fact my problem rat.

As I have said before, I have a problem with chaos in the house. Tomorrow my Salvation Army Officer is coming to help me sort some things out - but I need to do some things first!

I'm also having problems with my polymyalgia rheumatica and steroid dose at present.

Ann .


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5 Replies

  • Hi Ann, So sorry to hear you are going through such a horrid phase of losses.

    It's so kind of you to take in rescues and you can take a lot of comfort from the fact that despite anything that may have happened in their past (and with rescues we so often don't know their past), they had a wonderful and loving home before they left us.

    Hope the visit from the Salvation Army Officer goes well today. Thinking of you.

    Sue xx

  • Very few have been rescues, although Birthday was (and in fact two of her cage-mates who had died earlier. I mainly have rats from registered breeders, but a few were from a pet shop who breed their own recently (which I will not be doing again.)

    I'm hoping I can put Major Lorna off until next week.

  • Hi Ann, Sorry to hear about your pet losses, It must be very hard on you. Maybe when the Salvation Army officer comes it will help to declutter a bit. You are right to get as much help as you can, as this will make things easier.

    Thinking of you.


  • /i have postponed her visit as the physical problems are bad, but will be doing quite a bit of work. I'm really wanting the answer to one big rat problem, too. I know I will have to make another appointment with her next week. Feeling physically rough and extremely depressed - and angry with one person.

  • hi ann so sorry to hear of your losses. who are you angry with? might do you good to talk about it. I lost my little dog last year and my cat to cancer so know what its like to lose an animal it is still a bereavement. hope you feel better soon.

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