Tired and sad, but actual 'depression' easing

Yesterday I was on the PR stand for the Estuary Rat Club at the Sussex Country Fair. I had been quite apprehensive about this, but it went very well, although it wasn't easy with one person. Before I went I'd had an appalling night - went to bed early, but my pain meds kept me awake with severe itching, then I had to get up at 3.30am to get ready to leave at 5am. I realised that one of my elderly rats was 'slipping away' and was amazed to find her still here when I came back. She spent the latter part of the night in bed with me, and was helped 'over the rainbow bridge' by my lovely vet this morning.

Naturally, I feel sad but it is 'normal sadness' - different from the depression. She was a very special little rat - a licky girl - very friendly, but with a health problem which kept her very thin all her life, but the last hours with her were really peaceful, and my vet is very, very special.

My back and PMR pains are a nuisance this morning, but I think that if I have a rest things will ease. I see the rheumatologist tomorrow - still no news on the CMHT front. I could easily have been dead two weeks ago! However, now I'm over to the nortriptyline I'm much better mood-wise.

Ann x


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  • Hi Ann

    Oh that's sad about the elderly ratty... you will miss then as they must be like friends when you've been looking after them, I know I miss my cats when one of them dies.

    I'm glad you have a good vet, it makes all the difference when you feel your animals are being caringly looked after, we have a great practice too.

    I'm also glad you are due to see the rheumatologist, hopefully there may be some discussion about how you can improve things. As for the CMHT, are you sure they have the referral? I asked my GP to refer me and nothing happened so I self-referred - googled the number and then phoned them. At least that way I had an appointment for a month away (now less) and if they had not heard from the GP they could have chased things up or I could have - sometimes referrals do go missing. Do check with them.


  • Yes - I have to regard my ratties as 'lent to me' to give them the best life I can for a short time, but they are special - and Rattifer was an extra special little girl. One boy is being castrated this week and a few little girls have recurrent abscesses, so I'll be seeing him twice more this week!

    I had xrays, blood test etc. and go back in 6 weeks to see the rheumatologist. I was kept hanging around for ages and am not very keen on the new hospital. Part of the CMHT problem was due to my GP. I think I might send a letter to someone at the surgery to check. I'm feeling rather low at present - mainly pain and financial issues.

    I do hope things are going OK for you.

    Ann x

  • Hi Ann,

    Glad that you are feeling a bit better. Pets are great, I adore my Cat Luna too, she is a big fluffy puss. Take care of yourself.

    Hannah x

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