Self Help material which book/author?

I saw on a blog the other day, someone recommended some good reading material and I can't remember who it was.

Can that person re-blog it or has anyone else got any books etc that they foound really useful?

There seems to be so many and it's difficult to know which/book material to borrow/buy....over 1000 on Kindle!

Thank You


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5 Replies

  • geoff thompson, warrior within. or, fear.

    both very good, especially, fear: the friend of exceptional people.

  • Depressive Illness - The Curse of the Strong by Dr Tim Cantopher

  • The best thing is to go to your local book store, and look for the personal growth section, or self help, and pick what your interested in learning. awakening. I had offered some ideas before to someone.

    kind regards


  • Thanks all....that's helped me...there's so many books/artcles out there and no one publication is the right one for everybody...we all take away something different. xx

  • I recommended Dr Cantopher's book as well - amazing! He wrote one on stress as well which is also fab! I read a lot of books and these two are amongst the best and most helpful xx

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