NHS mental health services

when i was voluntarily admitted to a ward i was shocked to find they really thought locking someone up as a prisoner in a dirty, grim, and noisy ward with all kinds of patients including Alzheimers, with indifferent or even sometimes hostile staff would make things better, i still fail to understand what the hell they were thinking. I do know , they were thinking if i died they would be in the s**t, and have to fill out more forms.

How can we bring to light how stupid these CPN's are ? I find no one is interested.

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  • Hi Soilier im sorry2hear how youv been treated, my dr got a nhs depression group2give me a call by phone &theyd call once a wk&ask me qustions on a scale of 1 to 10 how depressed u feeling2day&on scale 1 to 10 how bothered have u been ect ect :( this didnt help me @all ?? I told m not2call me gain as wasnt type of help I needed

  • I kept finding CPN's in Middlesex where i was living did not know even basic things, and did not understand English, i have to ask how are they qualified ? My suspicion is there is something very wrong with their staff.

  • Unfortunately my friend....NHS is no longer the same......Those who have been given the budget to run it from above don't have a clue what they want to do with the money. They don't have a sense of direction and they are going round and round the same roundabout because they are too fearful to take an exit. Penguins can do a better job than those bunch of suited and booted monkeys who think they can mix lions and goats in the same pen simply because they don't have the budget for a separate pen and keep the lions away from the goats...I hope you get my point.

  • I was sectioned for three months left to my own devices all its done has made me worse i can't leave the house my cpn said yesterday "we will pull back if u don't want to be helped" just made me feel terrible..... cpn have no clue.. Im sorry ur having it so rough..

  • Sorry to hear about all this, I think Ireland is a bit better, is there any way you could have some type of Mental Health Advocate, to be with you and speak up for you when you are not able.

    Take care


  • I agree with you, Strongly believe, that they should have empathy by walking in the same shoes and only should, treat advise ect.

  • I am so sorry to hear this, they aren't all bad! I promise you that, but you can only go on your experience, how awful. What have you all found helpful? Xx

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