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Root Canal Treatment - Kowhai Dental

Kowhai Dental is proud to provide the most sought-after root canals in the region. Their team has always been driven to providing the best dental solutions to each patient.

Their root canals are performed when the tissues inside the tooth are dead or dying due to trauma from fractures or decay. This can be very dangerous as well as painful. Once bacteria enter the nerve chamber through the decay, your gums can become inflamed. The sudden increase in pressure stops the normal blood flow inside the tooth which results in tissue death. Kowhai Dental is committed to preventing that from happening.

Save yourself the time and money when you book their root canals. Call them now at 09-430-0707 or visit their office at 61-65 Maunu Road, Whangarei, Northland, NZ. You can also email them at reception@kowhaidental.co.nz or check out their website at kowhaidental.co.nz/root-canal.

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