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Pain due to wisdom tooth


I am a housewife. From last few days, I am suffering from tooth pain. When I just felt it using my tongue I found that it is my wisdom teeth erupting. I thought that the pain will reduce. But the pain is not reducing. When looked myself I found that the wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space to erupt. This is now causing pain to other teeth. It seems that it is damaging the other teeth. My husband suggested that it is better to remove that wisdom teeth else the intensity of pain will increase. I have taken an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction from a clinic in Brampton- . Is there any complication involved in removing this wisdom teeth? Is this removal surgery complicated? Is it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth? Is this removal procedure take more than one visit? Are there any things to be done before taking the surgery for removing the wisdom teeth? Please give some genuine replies.

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Hi IreneParker 😊🌸🌿🦋

I’m sooo sorry about your wisdom teeth complications. Like you I too didn’t have the space for my wisdoms to come in. Due to that my wisdoms were turned sideways and the chewing surface was turned towards the inner cheeks.

I had no choice but extraction.

First how is your health? If you are not healthy this info needs to be forwarded to the oral surgeons office. All of your medications doses and how much and often they are taken should be given to the surgeon. If you are on anything that thins the blood eg aspirin supplements homeopathic treatments that may cause bleeding or clotting problems will need to be stopped well in advance of the extractions.

You are put asleep to do the surgery. There are specific instructions to follow before and after make sure to do so. Like in regular surgery no eating so many hours before then special diet after. Using ice packs to reduce swelling. Ask for antibiotics if not given pre/during procedure.

There may be stitches involved...following the wound care instructions fully. You will survive it. If something doesn’t feel right call the office and explain your concerns. Most importantly don’t stress out about it. That only makes things worse on your health. Be sure to have someone available to be your driver and for you recouperation time.

Best wishes for a full recovery.

Take care.



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