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Argument abaut soda bicarbona

So basicly for the past half year or more instead of regular tootpaste i have been using soda(baking soda) whit cooconat oil and some drops of e.oil in mesurments:

1/2 sb +1/2 c.oil + a few drops of esential oil...

Now some chick from Facebook atacked my like i'm destroyig my teet and im gonna wear implants in the future(loose my teet) because the soda is abrasive and so on..Her dentis oposes soda and mine says it ok..

On the net articles

say its ok if you are gentle with your tootbrush(and thats only for soda,which im deluting with cooconat oil) and that irs not that abrasive..

Btw the reaason i dont use regular tootpaste is that my tongue hurts,burns(the same reason i dont take Orbit xD),fluroid is not that good for your thiroid(and i hav thiroid problems)and because it just a lot of chemestry(but mostly because my tongue is hurting..

Soooo my questions are:

1.What do you think abaut my diy tootpaste?

2.Do you use or do you know someone who's been using it for several years and in wich condition are there teeth..?

3.What does you dentis say abaut soda bicarbona..?

4.Is there a study abaut the effect of soda(alone or in a mix)on teeth?

Sorry for bad english xD

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I have a feeling that Arm & Hammer was the first company to use bicarbonate of soda in its toothpaste. I don't know about your homemade toothpaste but there is nothing wrong with using bicarbonate of soda. Good luck to you!


Some toothpastes contain bicarbonate of soda. I think as long as you aren't scrubbing too hard it should be ok. It's actually the mechanical removal of plaque wirh a brush and floss or interdental brushes that clean your teeth not the toothpaste!


Bicarb isn't the problem, the lack of fluoride is - there's a reason it's added to toothpaste and it's to help prevent decay.

Fluoride has no effect on your thyroid, please link me to some scientific evidence to back your opinion. Most thyroid problems are cause by an autoimmune condition, surgery or an iodine deficiency - not fluoride.