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Suffering oral thrush for one month

I have been suffering oral thrush for one month. Already took nystatin for three weeks, and fluconazole for one week. The white patches come and go. My oral mucosa has been swelling for one month. There are also red spots on my oral mucosa. I‘ve been to GP several times, but all seen by different doctors because it was hard to make an appointment with the same doctor.

I'm an international student in the UK. I have talked with my doctor back in my home country and she thought it's unusual for an adult to have oral thrush, and in particular still suffer it after taking medicine for one month. She asked me whether it is really oral thrush and advised me to do a blood test and immune system check. Unlucky, I have a cold yesterday, which makes me feel even worse. I didn't catch a cold easily so now I do feel my immune system may be weaker than before.

I'm really upset and not sure what should I do next. I'm worried if I ask my GP whether the illness I have is oral thrush or not, and request to do a blood test and immune system check (if available), my GP would feel I don't have trust in him. I'm also not sure whether it's better to visit dentist instead of GP.

Thank you very much for reading my long post! I will really appreciate your help!

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Hiya. I've also been suffering with constant oral thrush. First I put it down to the antibiotics the dentist gave me. But now it's coming back again. I already went to the doctors for treatment. Apparently I keep my mouth to clean! I've been suffering with gum disease this past year. Now I'm getting the oral white thick string stuff around my mouth again and I can actually pick it off!


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