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Can dental veneers close the gap between the teeth?

Am I a good candidate for dental veneers? I have got a huge gap between my front teeth and also a small gap between my other two teeth. The space between the front teeth is most noticeable. My teeth are of irregular shape and it looks ugly too. I am worried whether the gap between my teeth is becoming wider. I am really embarrassed about the gap between my teeth. It affected my mind both mentally and emotionally and I lost all my confidence in everything. Everyone suggested getting dental braces. But I don't like wearing them. I have heard people telling the bad effects of dental braces. So I don't want to try them. One of my friends suggested undergoing dental veneer procedure from a clinic in Mississauga ( parkerhilldental.com/our-se... ). I planning to visit the clinic tomorrow. Is this procedure worth spending money? Can dental veneers close the gap between the teeth? Please share your insights. Thanking you!

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