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Anyonw suffering from TMJ?

I'm suffering from severe TMJ pain for the past 6 months. The disc on the right side of the jaw is dislocated and it is restricting movement. I'm not able to open my mouth properly. Brushing my teeth and eating food has become a difficult task. I'm suffering from terrible tooth pain. Also, my jaws are sore and red in color. At times, I feel like to hit my head with something when the pain becomes worse. It can feel like a headache or an earache. Initially, I consulted a general dentist in my province and he gave me soft splints for the first two months of my condition. But my condition continues to be worse. So he suggested me to undergo arthroscopic surgery to free the disc and clean out the joint. Going under the knife is a nightmare for me so I skipped that option. But 2 days back, one of my friends suggested me to undergo TMJ treatment from a clinic in Mississauga ( willowdental.com/our-servic... ). She said that one of her aunts has undergone this treatment from the clinic and now she is feeling better. She told me that for TMJ, finding the correct treatment is a difficult task. So I'm planning to give it a shot. Has anyone here suffering from TMJ? If so, please share your experience.

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Hope you have a lot of money. Try googling this procedure. It’s classed as ‘the latest craze’ on a reputable dental site. And there are no clinical studies proving its long term effectiveness.


How about getting referred to a specialist dental maxillo facial hospital?

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