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Lost front tooth fillings - Need help!

I lost my front tooth fillings while having my favorite candy. Since it is my front tooth, it looks awkward. So I am embarrassed to meet people. I hate seeing my face in the mirror. I look ugly and my friends make fun of me. My sister is getting married next week. I need to look good on her big day. I am planning to visit an emergency dental clinic in Toronto. I have gone through their website and came to know that they provide emergency dental procedures for lost fillings ( emergency-dental-365.com/pr... ). Can lost tooth fillings be replaced? Is there anyone here who had experienced a similar situation? Please share your experience. What is the procedure done to replace tooth fillings? Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Yes fillings can be replaced usually but it depends on how much of your own tooth is remaining. Have you told the dental surgery that it's a front tooth? Maybe ring and ask if they can do a composite filling in an emergency appointment as they may have booked long enough to place a temporary filing only.


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