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Teeth & Joint Pain

In the last 9 months I have been suffering from severe pain in my hands and ankles. I have also been having loads of dental problems, my crown fell out, then my other crown which holds 3 other teeth (bridge) fell out and my fillings just repeatedly fall out.

The doctor has been doing bloody tests as the joint pain was getting intolerable but they have all came back clear. Last night a filling fell out, when I got up for the toilet through night I normally would barely be able to walk but my joints were fine. I remembered reading an article years ago regarding poisoning from teeth years ago. I've checked the internet this morning but not much on there. Was wondering if anyone else has heard of this/had it happen to them?

I have called my dentist and I am awaiting a call back but hoping he doesn't think i'm crazy with my findings.


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I've had gum disease for past 6 month. It actually started when I stopped smoking. I've 95% bone loss. Near enough lost all my gums for receeding. I'm at my last nerve now. Constant swelling. Throbbing. However since the findings. I go light headed. My heart kinda stops? Like a blood flow problem. I go all dizzy black out but don't actually faint? I'm suffering more and more headaches. My life is just miserable at the moment. I know it's all my fault for smoking in the past x


Try not to blame yourself thats unlucky having all those problems due to smoking.

Be kind to yourself and hope things settle down for you x


Thank you. My dentist hasn't really been much help. I'm due another *clean* Wednesday 😩 Then he said he will refer me to a specialist but they may not accept me because I'm a NHS patient. I do work. I just get help for low income. He said they will accept me if I pay but is costly. So I tried my luck at the doctors because it's affecting my speech now. I have a hospital oppointment next week at teaching hospital x


Good luck at the hospital, let me know how you get on x


Thank you very much. My teeth are just hanging on now I can feel the gaps behind my teeth 😩 X


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