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Full dental impant surgery

In February this year I had my remaining teeth removed and 12 implants inserted, then temporary bridges fitted and I have a permanent bridge on my lower jaw now. It's been an interesting and not always smooth process, so I am keen to create a conversation with others who have had the procedure to exchange experiences.

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Hi Brian,i have just joined the forum and my first search was dental implants which brought me to your post,i hope you are still active on the forum as we can discuss our journey.

I am booked in for my surgery in April this year 2018,like yourself i have to get my remaining upper teeth extracted ( i have a partial plate at the moment which i have had for a few years) and implants for a full fixed arch,i'm a wee bit anxious and its only January :) My dentist isn't keen on sedation,i think for cooperation reasons.He has given me a detailed treatment plan,its quite extensive as i require work done on my lower teeth with some root treatment.I have had impressions taken and have a follow up appointment next week.

How are you now ? as its been a few months since you posted,i'm guessing not many people on the forum has this treatment carried out.

Hope to hear from you soon.




Hi, If it's ok to ask, what was the reason for your procedure? Sorry I'm not familiar with the process involved in this.



Hi,sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Well basically some of my teeth are failing,they won't extract good teeth of which I have,so the extracted ones they are going to insert titanium implants with prosthetic teeth on them.


Hi Andy,

As you observe I have not been on the site since there is not much activity for this topic. I have the full definitive bridges with ceramic teeth and they are working fine. I am very careful with my hygiene, which is a key point from all the articles I have read. I did not have any sedation, but I think that is a personal thing.

Let me know if you have other questions.



Great to hear from you Brian and glad you got in touch.

Really pleased it's now worked out well for you,my surgery date is on the 18th of April just over a month away, probably like yourself i have asked many questions about the procedure as I have had a few recent appointments ie impressions etc,I have to get my remaining upper teeth extracted and 4 to 5 Implants with a fixed upper full arch,my lower teeth are needing some work and of which I am getting inlays and onlays.

As you say good oral hygiene is paramount with implants

I will let you know if I have any further questions,thanks for that.



I would like to join this conversation as I'm thinking of getting 2 implants to top left side .

Have plate since loosing teeth .

I do have periodontitis although controlled .

Has any one else hit this gum disease and had implants .

I've had some strange feelings in my mouth over last 2 years although almost subsided but concerned as dentist baffled to what it was !

Love to rebuild my teeth with implants if it's an option for me .


Hi Paulina,

The reason I have had full implants is due to ongoing gum disease. As I understand it, this is the most common reason for implantation, either of a few teeth, or like me, full bridges. I would get an opinion for your dentist of one that specialises in implantation, since my NHS dentist told me I was not a suitable candidate for it.

Hope that helps



Thankyou for your reply .

I have on going non reversible , gum disease ( periodontitis )

I have had loads of treatment through out years , bad dentistry when young , genetic issues also .my dentist keeps it controlled alongside lots of good cleaning from me .

I lost 2 top teeth to right , 2 years ago .My dentist of 14 years has fought to save them after bad dentistry previous , he has done a good job considering .Advised a great private clinic near me , need a consolation .Just been waiting for my mouth to settle down after trrrible anxiety episode which started 2 years ago and settled 6 months ago .

I can afford to have it done if it's possible .

Expect consolation alone will cost a lot .

Had a partial denture since loosing teeth as feel continues ( not immediately noticeable as long as I don't open my mouth to wide !!) don't like it )

Other teeth are weak and mostly root canal , crowns and fillings ...

Teeth have caused me issues most of my life


Paulina, I would like to ask, how was it in these later years, having lost teeth, were you consistent on your teeth cleaning, was there too much plaque building up, where you having consistent gum inflammation near those teeth?

Having controlled periodontal disease, I am always worried how that might happen.



The 2 teeth I lost were due to bad crown by previous dentist , x ray showed up that there was infection plus 3 small plastic looking dentist tools used during crown that had fallen in to the tooth plus a weak root canal that had lasted longer then everyone anticipated.

I thoroughly clean and have deep cleaning by my dentist every 3/4 months .Gum disease kept controlled , rarely bleeding .stress. Can start it up as I've experienced .


Thank you Paulina, my gum disease also seems controlled, the rare bleeding occurs lately only when on a string of stressful days. But I've lost some bone in the past and as it is a silent disease I wonder if it does not still happens unnoticed, even if I feel my gums are ok, and I have the feeling I wasn't properly briefed on these issues in the past by my dentists. One of them even told me there was really not much I could do, bone loss and teeth loss was unavoidable.

Since then I've read a bit about this and I have some more knowledge about the disease. But it is important to discuss and share info.


Having a good dentist that understands and ensures gums are kept in good condition goes a long way .

Stress definitely triggers it .

Lots of people have it and are oblivious. to it , I think that is more of an issue especially when they don't visit dentist or him clean .my own dentist suffers badly with grating his teeth while sleeping and they shatter ending up in fragments stuck all over his gums and often in pain ,he should be wearing a gum guard every night .

He can't have implants ..

Even some dentist suffer !!


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