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I'm really worried, I don't if What I have is serious or not. I have the white patches on my gums and I'm not sure wether it is gum disease or something more serious. I noticed them about a week ago and they kind of sting and sometimes. Anyone think it's serious?

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It could be periodontal gum disease so I would make a check up with your dentist. If you have to wait a long timed (more than a couple of weeks) then book to see your gp as well. It's better to be safe. I had a sore throat and bad plaque on my teeth and my gp told me to gargle salt water every night. This is by no means a cure, but it can ease any infection. Corsdyl mouthwash is also good to use once a day, but again, only for short term use, while you wait for a professional opinion.

Also make sure you mouth is not getting dry, this can cause friction in the mouth and result in gum loss. If you smoke, stop. It's not worth it and you'll kick yourself in the future (trust)

Hope this eases your mind and you get some sleep


White patches are not periodontal disease. It could possibly be something called lichen planus but you really should see a dentist to give you the correct diagnosis. It's important to get any changes in your mouth that have lasted longer than 2 weeks checked out. Then you can have it treated as necessary.


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