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Dental trauma

Could someone please offer dentist recommendations.

Recently my niece's two front teeth had been knocked and are now loose and shifted position.

A dentist has not yet carried out x-rays, but advised to give it time for heal.

She (my niece) is broken (she has many issues which she was born with and this trauma is beyond words).

Is there a chance to avoid dental implants, has anyone been in this situation?

The teeth which were hit are very healthy, is there a way to save those?

One more question once a tooth has been loosened, will it remain unstable?

Willing to travel to any dentist.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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How old is your niece?

Are these baby teeth or adult teeth?

When you say 'broken' what do you mean - is the tooth cracked, a piece missing or all above gum missing?

Course of treatment is very dependent on the age of the child and what actually has happened?


Thank you for your response.

These are her adult teeth and she's in her 20's. Her teeth had been knocked and are now loose and shifted position. About a fortnight has passed; the pain has subsided, as has some of the looseness. The teeth are not broken, but feel loose.

Her gum is healing. And she is awaiting a follow up appointment.

What are her chances, following trauma of adult teeth, do they ever stabilize back to original firmness?


Most likely then it was simply an injury to the tissues supporting the teeth - a concussion or subluxation in dental terms.

Both of these are unlikely to cause an issues in the long term, but should be monitored closely for any issues, as the teeth were traumatised at the end of the day. If the teeth are slightly loose, sometimes a dentist will bind the teeth together - but this is not essential.


Many thanks for advice.

Having seen her very recently, I can say the gap which appeared between the two teeth after the impact, now almost closed up, yet somewhat differently to how it was before.

Ordinarily, how long would it take things to get back to how it was before, 12+ months (in regards to stability)?

Any other advice, besides a healthy diet, which you could give?


Most teeth will return back to normal after a few weeks, but will vary person to person and the extent of the injiry - as I haven't seen your niece, I can't tell you how long it'll take exactly. You're only 2 weeks from the injury date - give it some time.

Just avoid biting into things like apples while the healing takes place and make sure to attend all the review appointments at the dentist to keep an eye on the teeth injured.


Thank you, I'll all that you've on to her.


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