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I'm currently undergoing orthodonture and am worrying about my brushing atmittedly I haven't been the best at brushing but have majorly improved recently, there isn't obvious damage, my gums do bleed when I brush......but I know that all I can do with that is continue brushing, my main concern is what my teeth will look like under the bracket of my brace and if there's any way of fixing that now, need advice asap

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You need to see your dentist if you have concerns. Hygienist's can also clean round braces. In some cases where oral hygiene is not good - braces will be removed and treatment may not continue if good oral hygiene cannot be maintained. My daughter has braves and you do have to put the time in and clean them - to ensure good does not remain trapped that may lead to decay. The result will be worth it in the end so plse persevere and if you need help or advice go back and see your dentist or ortho. They Willbe glad to help you if they can see you are committed, just explain you are finding it hard.


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