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Does regular clean up help in healthy gums. Bones, teeth

The dentist told me that my gums, bones and teeth are all almost gone. They will start falling soon. He told had I done a clean up every six month, my condition wouldn't be so.

Would like to know is everyone regular to clean up. I feel my oral condition wouldn't have been any better. It seems like mine is hereditary.

Anyone of u have strong gums and teeth without being regular to clean up. I have seen lot of people without any oral problems who never visited dentist once also.

Is there any hope now for me to reverse my condition?

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- gum disease is caused by a huge array of different factors and can, in part, be hereditary/genetic

- just because gum disease has a genetic component, it;s not the only component and unlucky set of genes will not mean that you will, 100% have gum disease - it only means you are at increased risk of the disease

- this means that yes, had you gone to your dentist regularly , they would have caught the disease early and may have been able to treat it sooner and prevented the severity of the disease that you describe now

- yes there are some people who are lucky and can not brush their teeth ever and still have a perfect smile. But, on the other hand some people can play russian roulette with a loaded gun and not blow their brains out - willing to take the chance?

- if your gum disease is so advanced that there is NO BONE LEFT, then I'm sorry to say but there is nothing you can do. Generalised, full mouth bone loss is NOT possible to reverse.

- your best bet is to either hold on to the teeth you have now (if they're not too loose, don't prevent you functioning normally and don't cause you pain). As you lose these teeth, you can replace them with a removable denture


Thanks for your reply. It is hard to accept the fact but I know I will.

My mother also had her tooth removed quite early in life. So I thought I will have to follow suit.

Any idea if dentures will also be of any help for a person with weak bones. My mother also has weak bones and her dentures keep biting her because of poot support.

If dentures also is not a solution for me, then what do people like me do. Do we have to live on a liquid diet?


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