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I am registered with a NHS dentist but paying for private treatment for peridontal treatment i.e, rooting planing. Why does my dentist not offer me this treatment on the NHS. Does anyone know if root planing can be done on the NHS and if so how much I should pay as so far I have spent nearly £1000 on treatment and further maintenance treatment is required at £140 every three months

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Periodontl treatment is available on the NHS, more advanced treatment falls into band 2 - so £53.90.

Your NHS dentist most likely isn't providing the treatment because 1.) they do not feel they are able to do a good job or 2.) it's simply too advanced and they would not make a return for the amount of operation time it will take to treat the condition.

Unfortunately, option 2 is more likely. If you are unable to afford treatment privately and your disease is 'SEVERE' ask to be referred to a hospital, but the waiting lists tend to be fairly long.


What I cant understand is that the same NHS dentist I see is doing the treatment but not on the NHS only privately so obviously he can do the treatment but wont do it on the NHS pricing band


I cannot comment exactly as to why this is happening, ask your dentist directly.

Point them to the NHS web page that clearly says gum treatment is available on the NHS.


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