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Hello, I had a root canal but after 3 years I've been told I now need a crown. My dentist as said she can't do this on the nhs as it is a tooth at the back. She referred me to a private dentist and who said he could do it but it was in excess of £800. I can't afford this. My husband has previously had a crown on one of his back teeth and managed to have it done on the nhs and was less than half the price. I've rang round other local practises and none are taking on new patients until May! I'm completely stuck, any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

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Position of the tooth shouldn't make any difference! Are you in pain? If not can you wait until May to sign up with another dentist?

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I thought the position of the tooth didn't matter too so was confused by my dentists referral. I'm not in any pain fortunately but can't use that side of my mouth when chewing as part of the tooth and filling have broken away, guess I've no option other than wait until May. Thanks for replying



The position of the tooth doesn't make a difference wether you pay NHS for a crown. BUT the position does make a difference to the type of crown you'll get. If it's one of your front 6-8 (3-3or4-4) teeth you'll get a more natural White crown, any teeth behind these will get metal crowns on the NHS.

If you wanted a higher quality or more natural crown for a back tooth you'd be looking at private prices.

The best thing to do is check out the NHS website and look at what's included under the NHS bands and talk to you dentist to gain an understanding of why you've been referred.


Back teeth should ALWAYS be crowned after a root canal.

NHS do offer crowns on band 3 treatment - that's about £233 - find another dentist as yours is taking the piss.

Sounds like your tooth isn't doing great, get your current dentist to replace the filling that is failing and in the mean time make an appointment with a new dentist to have the crown done.


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