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Replacement NHS crown after seven months

Eight months ago I paid for an NHS root canal and crown. I recently moved and registered with a new NHS dentist who has informed me that, although there is no decay, my crown has not been well-fit and it should be replaced.

Should I seek a second opinion? It doesn't seem right that I would have to get expensive dental work re-done for the sole reason that it was poorly done in the first place. I was also under the impression that NHS dentists are supposed to waive the costs for replacement work required within 12 months but I've been told by the new dentist that this is not the case.

Any advice or information would be very gratefully received. This might be perfectly reasonable but it just came as such a shock to me.

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I think the fee would only be waived if the same dentist did it. Maybe seek a second opinion.


Ask your new dentist to explain why they think the crown is ill-fitting?

Go back to your original dentist and explain the situation, you can always ask your old dentist colleague to give you a 2nd opinion while you're in the chair. If there is indeed a fauly, they will replace the crown free of charge as its under the 12month warranty.

However, it may be that the crown isn't the best fitting one in the world, but it may be good enough to do it's job - in which case you'll know it doesn't need replacing.


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