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Gum infection

Today I visited Dentist to check our my problem...My gum bleeds...After examination he told me that that my gum got infected with peridontis..

He has put me on Metronidazole 400 3times a day with sacralfate suspension..

He has also advised me to put Metronidazole and lignocaine ointment 3times and to rainse with Rexigen mouth wash 3types....

And told me to go after 8 days...

He will perform scaling....

Please advise me whether treatment is correct..and is it going to be completely cure..

I am tensed..

Please help

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Hi it sounds like you might have acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis if hes given you metronidazole. If its just gingivitis in which the gums bleed good oral hygiene and a professional cleaning will suffice. If it is ANUG then the metronidazole will help along with a scaling and good oral hygiene . Ask him to clarify what the infection is as antibiotics are not necessary for ordinary gingivitis.


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