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Suggestions required


My uncle who is nearly 65 years of age is having an alignment problem in his teeth. Now, he is planning to have someone workouts in it. When I met him last day, he asked me whether he could get any orthodontics services for his age. If someone can refer me the pros and cons of the process at this age, this it would be of great help.

He is currently staying in Canada. Can someone suggest me a better facility over there? I'm not sure whether it will have any negative consequences. If not, need to try it. While on the search I came across this: But, I don't know much about their services. If someone has used their services, kindly help me with your guidance. He is totally worried about his age and more tensed than before. I encouraged him and will help him with the replies you give.

Thanks in advance

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You can have orthodontic treatment at any age.

Of course there are more risks involved and really your uncle needs to have an immaculate mouth - no gum disease, very clean, no failing restorations etc...

Also, if he has complex bridgework, then the treatment becomes even more complex.


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