Wisdom Teeth out? Or leave?

Hi all,

I went for my regular check-up (and had a cracked tooth sorted :) ) with another dentist (who owns the practice) as mine has sadly left. I have never seen this man before.

I usually have a X-ray etc and the odd filling and then I'm sent away for a few months. Wisdom teeth I'm told are coming through but looking okay! Fine!

Well to my surprise today the 'new' dentist has told me that my wisdoms all need removing! I questioned why? and he told me that they are developing badly and they will give me some problems later on. So what about a X-ray? Not needed! Basically I was sent away with my note and to book an appointment to go back and have them removed.

Now I am confused. Before I am told they are fine... I have had no problems at all with pain and now he wants to remove them. My questions 1) Do I trust him and have them removed? 2) what about a X-ray? How can he tell how they are growing without one? 3) surely if I'm not experiencing any pain I should leave them?

I feel like going to another practice altogether. :( Any advice or help would be great as I'm feeling a little lost and I feel I don't trust him.

Best Wishes!


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  • Hi Skippyk I'd definitely get another opinion. I agree i would want an xray too . If your not having any problems i would leave them alone.

  • Thank you so much for taking time to reply.

    They haven't yet charged me for today as they were going to add it on my bill when I go to have them removed! So I am going to call them before the appointment to cancel and pay for what I have had done.

    But before, I am going to see if I can find another dentist locally who can double check. That can't be right 😂 X

  • Yeah stick with your gut feeling. It's not good when you don't trust a dentist.

    Take care 😆

  • Hi SkippyK1986 , I would seek for another suggestion. It would be great to take an x-ray. The main thing about a doctor )dentist) is 'trust'. So I recommend you to consult an another dental professional like Appleton Dental ( appletondental.ca/ ) - who is my family dentist.

  • Hi Skippy,

    You are correct to be cautious

    as Wisdom teeth can move position over time there could be

    infection i would also question the dentist as an X-ray is essential to see what is going on.

    You can also check a new dentist

    on the Quality Care Commision.

    to see when they were last inspected .Which is reassuring too.

    Most people i have asked say you can normaly be referred to a

    Oral Surgeon at a local NHS close to you as they are doing this type of procedure many times a week.

    Dont accept second rate treatment find another dentist.

    Best of luck.