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Wisdom Teeth out? Or leave?

Hi all,

I went for my regular check-up (and had a cracked tooth sorted :) ) with another dentist (who owns the practice) as mine has sadly left. I have never seen this man before.

I usually have a X-ray etc and the odd filling and then I'm sent away for a few months. Wisdom teeth I'm told are coming through but looking okay! Fine!

Well to my surprise today the 'new' dentist has told me that my wisdoms all need removing! I questioned why? and he told me that they are developing badly and they will give me some problems later on. So what about a X-ray? Not needed! Basically I was sent away with my note and to book an appointment to go back and have them removed.

Now I am confused. Before I am told they are fine... I have had no problems at all with pain and now he wants to remove them. My questions 1) Do I trust him and have them removed? 2) what about a X-ray? How can he tell how they are growing without one? 3) surely if I'm not experiencing any pain I should leave them?

I feel like going to another practice altogether. :( Any advice or help would be great as I'm feeling a little lost and I feel I don't trust him.

Best Wishes!


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Hi Skippyk I'd definitely get another opinion. I agree i would want an xray too . If your not having any problems i would leave them alone.


Thank you so much for taking time to reply.

They haven't yet charged me for today as they were going to add it on my bill when I go to have them removed! So I am going to call them before the appointment to cancel and pay for what I have had done.

But before, I am going to see if I can find another dentist locally who can double check. That can't be right 😂 X


Yeah stick with your gut feeling. It's not good when you don't trust a dentist.

Take care 😆

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Hi SkippyK1986 , I would seek for another suggestion. It would be great to take an x-ray. The main thing about a doctor )dentist) is 'trust'. So I recommend you to consult an another dental professional like Appleton Dental ( ) - who is my family dentist.

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Hi Skippy,

You are correct to be cautious

as Wisdom teeth can move position over time there could be

infection i would also question the dentist as an X-ray is essential to see what is going on.

You can also check a new dentist

on the Quality Care Commision.

to see when they were last inspected .Which is reassuring too.

Most people i have asked say you can normaly be referred to a

Oral Surgeon at a local NHS close to you as they are doing this type of procedure many times a week.

Dont accept second rate treatment find another dentist.

I am not a Dentist or healthcare professional always get advice from a Dentist.

Please be careful and cautious of advice from members on forums as some people that claim to be a Dentist here an it may not be the case in reality.

Best of luck.

I keep noticing your posts. You are not a dentist or a healthcare professional, you need to stop telling people to seek a referral to an 'Oral Surgeon' because your american pals said so. Not every tooth removal requires a specialist, otherwise we will all be queueing up for one!!!!


In this scenario, I would indeed be cautious - but because of the lack of x-ray and the fact that you are not experiencing symptoms (nothing to do with the Dr not being an oral surgeon!) - wisdom teeth rarely cause problems if they are unerupted (fully under the gum) and do not get electively removed until you experience pain/symptoms.

(Nothing to do with the Dr not being an oral surgeon!)


You are not a moderator on the forum .And you don't need to tell me

what i can an cannot do or say or post on this forum you have only been a member for a couple of months. I have been contributing in replies to topics and posting on Healthunlocked for over three and a half years .How can you prove you are in fact a Dentist, Professional?

Members of the forum should always seek professional advice from a Dentist or Dental Surgeon .

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